Marcus Rashford is only getting better

Marcus Rashford is becoming considered one of the best strikers in England. Though he is still only 18-years-old, the youngster is finding a consistent amount of playtime in the first team at Manchester United and is getting chances with the England national team. Recently named Manchester United player of the month, Rashford has scored three Premier League goals and a goal in United’s win over Northampton in the EFL Cup. His fantastic display so far has been accompanied by praise from team-mate and fellow countryman Jesse Lingard.

“He’s coming along nicely now but we can’t forget he’s only young – he’s still going to grow and he’s still going to get bigger.

“We’ll have to wait and see what he does after that. Over the months he has matured a lot from making his debut to now. He’s gained a lot of experience at international level and in the Premier League and other competitions.

“I haven’t seen him fazed at all. He’s got a love for the game and every day he’s got a ball at his feet. He’s still young so things are coming together for him just right at the moment, and hopefully, he can carry it on.

“His confidence is getting better all the time – he scores in most of the games he plays in, or he’s had a hand in the goals. So he’s contributing well for the club and hopefully he can carry that on.”

Rashford broke onto the scene last season in the Europa League when Anthony Martial was ruled out with injury just before United’s away match at Midtjylland. Rashford went on to score twice against the Danish side and then repeated his performance at Old Trafford against Arsenal in the Premier League. Now, the dangerous debutant is playing well under Jose Mourinho and gets the chance to learn alongside Zlatan Ibrahimovic, one of the best strikers in recent history. Last month, Ibrahimovic spoke about Rashford’s quick rise to fame.

“First of all, he’s 18, he’s still young. He has a lot of time. I think the way you have to approach a player like that, where everyone is talking about the talent and what he’s able to do and what kind of potential he has, is to remember he still has a lot of time. It’s not like he needs to take over the world today, the club knows that, the coach knows that and the team knows that.

“We know his quality and what he’s able to do. What the world is seeing now, we already know because we see it every day. There is no need to rush to push him and put him in the heat zone and put a lot of pressure on him because that can have the opposite effect. Time by time, he will take over everything. It’s about having patience.”  

The support that Rashford is given from his team-mates has to be inspirational for the local hero. What is important is that he keeps himself level-headed, which he seems to be doing fine with. Rashford’s incredible instinct in front of goal is not paralleled by many strikers at his age. He is able to find space behind the backline and never gives up on any play, which led to his goal against Northampton. His goal against Leicester also showed an instinct that many strikers never achieve. Rashford was inside the six-yard-box and was watching as the short corner kick was taken and the youngster read the situation perfectly for him to tap home another goal from close range. The striker already looks like a player in his prime but the Mancunian is only just getting started, and hopefully for Rashford and for United, the scoring never stops.




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