Marcus Rashford: Manchester United unanimously behind Jose Mourinho’s vision

Jose Mourinho has now been Manchester United manager for almost a year, and after a rocky start, all the signs of progress are there. The Red Devils are scoring goals, not conceding many, and performing admirably while picking up results. Perhaps the main difference between now and before, though, is that the team unanimously supports the legendary Portuguese manager, or at least according to Marcus Rashford.

The teenaged sensation of a footballer claims that the squad is unified in support of everything Jose Mourinho is trying to do at Manchester United. Rashford showed his respect for Mourinho’s winning mentality, record, and man management.

“No-one thinks differently to his plan. No-one thinks their way is a better way. That’s a really important factor for us to be successful. I mean, he was won one or two things! It’s great. He’s a really good man manager and he speaks to us a lot. It makes a big difference. He might talk to you about your personal life and other things and that’s good.”

Rashford reaffirmed what all United fans can see, that he prefers playing as the striker to be involved around the goal. However, as evident from his personality, he doesn’t shy away from playing out wide, which he did through many childhood spells.

“No.9, for sure. It’s easier to get your shot off or get in and around the goals. For me, it’s easier to assess what’s going on from the middle as well. But, at the same time, when you understand the game from different areas, it’s then not an issue to play out wide.

“That’s what the case is with me, because I’ve played wide when I was younger. I’m not the kind of striker where I’ve only played No.9. Actually, I’d not played at No.9 until a year to 18 months ago. So, for me, when I’m a No.9, I naturally drift into a wider position.”

Regardless of what Rashford may be saying in the media, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has gained the attention of the whole football world after another stunning performance to win United the EFL Cup. Rashford declared his praise for the Swede too, explaining exactly how Zlatan has helped him around the training ground.

“I’m definitely picking things up from him. The main thing he’s taught me is how to hold the ball up. It’s different to how I might hold the ball up.

“He’s more physical. He uses his body a lot more. But he’s a lot stronger than I am at the moment. He’s very strong.

“But you pick up on little things and try to feed them into your own game – and you do that with all players, not just ones in your position.”

One aspect of football that fans would certainly find difficult to understand is the difficulty in adjusting to the fame of being a full player at one of the biggest clubs in the world- Rashford said he has been very affected by this, often having to make different decisions than he used to in an effort to avoid the spotlight.

“Quite a lot. The little things that maybe you used to do, you can’t so any more, because you’re always in the public eye. But, at the same time, I think it’s important you embrace that. You know, you just can’t live your life bored, or staying at home all the time.

“I think I need to make my overall game stronger. It’s little things like my running ability. I can run strong for 60-70 minutes, but I’m working to get my full running power for the full 90 minutes.”

Rashford is truly special to United, least because of the potential he possesses to become a world class footballer- he is also incredibly loyal to the club, regardless of what the media will say, and he is a fan of Manchester United since childhood. Players with the attitude, energy, and passion of Marcus Rashford will inevitably be the ones carrying United through the toughest of times in a season and could prove to be integral to the club for the years to come.

Written by Aaron Moniz


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