Marouane Fellaini seems likely to sign for Arsenal as a free agent this summer

Manchester United midfielder Marouane Fellaini seems likely to join Arsenal as a free agent this summer, according to reports. On Monday, it was reported that the Belgian midfielder was ‘to hold talks with Arsenal’ over the possibility of a move to the North London club, joining Henrikh Mkhitaryan at the club, albeit six months later, if it does happen. Fellaini has been a target for a number of clubs this summer, most recently AC Milan and Marseille, both of whom have been put off by the player’s excessive wage demands.

Fellaini, signed by David Moyes in a £27.5 million deal on deadline day in the summer of 2013, when he could have been signed for £4 million less earlier that summer, will see his current contract expire at the end of this month. United manager Jose Mourinho was keen to keep the Belgian in his squad ahead of the new season but now it seems another midfielder could be heading to the Theatre of Dreams, which is good news for those who want rid of the Belgian.

Personally, I have never been a fan of Fellaini but I hold respect for the player, what he has done for the club and what he has endured from the supporters who love to hate him. I feel it is time for a change, and that seems to be happening. United are close to signing Fred this summer, the Brazilian had his medical at the clubs Aon Training Complex today and seems set to be confirmed as a United player at some stage on Tuesday. Portuguese defender Diogo Dalot seems to be close to making a move to the Old Trafford club also.

Alongside both Milan and Marseille, Fellaini has been linked to Beskitas, Galatasaray and Paris Saint Germain also, seemingly none of those clubs as interested as others. The Parisien club were credited with an interest in the player, that whilst Unai Emery was the manager so his arrival at Arsenal to replace Arsene Wenger would seem credible as he thought he would be a player to add to the French champions, before his departure at least.

The suggestion that Fellaini is more likely to sign for Arsenal this summer, rather than renew his contract at United is good news for everyone. Those who want change at the club and those who want rid of the Belgian. Fellaini has made no friends recently, especially after his quotes in the Belgian press which stated United had left it too late to keep him at the club as if he thinks he is Lionel Messi or something. That just left a less than sweet taste in my mouth and made me realise that a change is good.

I wish Fellaini all the best in his future career, wherever that lies. One thing comes to mind though, if Fellaini demands as much money as he has from other clubs, it would be likely that Arsenal, who have a budget to attract free agents this summer, could baulk at his demands, which could leave him with no options on the table. As long as United have retracted the contract offer that was on the table for him, that will be good enough for me.

If he has no options as June draws to a close, he might just accept United’s offer, which would turn a less than sweet taste into a fowl taste for everyone.

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