Matic on why it’s going to be a difficult year, as Manchester United approaches a tricky month of fixtures!

With almost two months in to the season, what once looked like a flash in the pan is now looking like a real deal. Manchester United started off the season with a bang and made everyone took notice. However, most of the footballing world believed that it was just a one-off game and there is a need for more evidence in order to take United more seriously. Seven games in the Premier League season and United are still holding on to their level of performances. Another point that is held against them is that they have only had fixtures against relatively weaker opposition and have not really been tested. Both these points will be put to test in the next one month or so where United will face Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, and Chelsea with what could be a make or break month for them.

One might say that this United side has been performing better than the actual quality in the team. That is up for debate, but one thing that certainly isn’t is the fact that each and every individual in this team is presently putting in his 100%. The skills and technique matter but what makes it more lethal is direction and correct attitude. Jose Mourinho has got these bunch of youngsters playing with their hearts out and that is what playing for United should be about. Nemanja Matic, who has known Mourinho much more than a lot of the other United players, gave a little insight in to the mental setup of the team.

“We cannot be relaxed for the future because we have to win more, focus because the teams now know how we play, the teams knows our formation, our players and, of course, in the future those will want to show they can play against Manchester United.

“We will be focused, we will be ready for that. It is going to be hard but that’s why we are here.”

The job is not even half done, in fact, it is just started and it is very important to stay grounded. But at the same time, it is also important to believe in yourself and have the confidence to get the job done, against anyone, home or away. That is exactly what this team has been exuding, right from the youngsters to the senior members of the squad and was reiterated by United’s latest recruit.

“As you know, we win almost every game, we only draw at Stoke – in the Premier League it is very hard to do this.

“This can only be done by big teams, so we showed that we are a big team and we have to continue like this.”

Matic also made a point about how the competitiveness in the year’s Premier League has been top notch and all the big teams have been up for it. In the past few years, the “top” teams like Arsenal, United, Manchester City amongst others have faltered along their way and have not been up to the mark but this year things might be a little different. After a difficult start Arsenal are slowly getting back in the mix while Chelsea, Tottenham also are in and around that top spot. City and United, however, have been as close as they can be with just a goal difference of one separating the league leaders City and the second spot United. Hence, Matic reiterated the importance of just focusing on winning, scoring goals and not conceding many.

“This is very important for us to keep winning, to score goals because it’s going to be hard this year because every team is very hard, every team has great players.

“It is going to be harder and harder for us – not only for us, for every team – so we have to collect the points and to continue to work like this.

“But we are in a good position. The most important thing is to collect the points, not concede the goals, because this is good for our confidence.

“It’s too early to say someone is favourite to win the league, but for sure there is five or six teams who are going to compete this year.”

This year seems to be one of the closest that we have had in some time with very little separating the top four. It is most likely about to go down to the wire and the one who keeps his senses will come out as the winner. With United playing three of their competitors in the next four Premier League games, things are about to get exciting. As it is so famously said, you cannot win the league in October but you can surely lose it. The red devils will have to keep this in mind for their upcoming fixtures and if they could manage to have City within an arm’s length after these fixtures, they will truly stand a chance to be there when the final lap comes up. One can only hope that the team is up for the challenge because the fans most certainly are looking forward to it.


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