Mourinho asked to clarify pre-match comments ahead of the Manchester derby

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has been asked by the Football Association to clarify comments in which he made ahead of the Manchester derby which took place last Sunday. United lost the fixture 2-1 which saw them trail eleven points behind the Premier League leaders. There is already a case against both clubs regarding the fracas between the home and away dressing room after the match.

During the pre-match press conference which took place on the afternoon of Friday 8th December 2017, Mourinho had suggested that City’s players went to ground easily, saying “A little bit of wind and they fall.” The United manager has been given until 18:00 GMT on Monday 18th December 2017 to clarify his comments. This all sounds like an agenda against Mourinho as other managers have done things recently with nothing being said or done by those in charge of the game.

Mourinho has had his run-ins with the FA and spent time in the stands last season after being sent off during matches and fined. He also kicked a water bottle, which resulted in a fine and a ban. This season, Mourinho was sent to stands for coming out of his technical area against Southampton back in September but did not face any further action by the FA. Not all that long ago, Pep Guardiola was seen out of his technical area during a match, celebrating wildly, yet nothing happened to him.

We have also seen Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp refusing to answer questions, being disrespectful and aggressive in post-match interviews, also being critical of the referee. Mourinho is the one who is asked to clarify things he has said and done, putting himself in the firing line for a ban of a fine. Why are all managers not treated the same when they have all done something similar?

Guardiola has also been wearing a political symbol, the yellow ribbon to protest against the pro-independent Catalan politicians being imprisoned in Spain, something which Mourinho suggested he would not be allowed to do, yet Guardiola seems to have been given a get out of jail free card by doing such a thing without penalty. The rules may have changed for such a thing this season, but if Mourinho started to get political, would he be expecting some contact from the FA?

Yes, Mourinho has a reputation with the FA during stints at Chelsea, before becoming Manchester United manager, but being guilty before does not mean you are guilty now. Why is a manager screaming at the referee deemed as a showing of passion, but when Mourinho does something similar, it is against all the rules of the game. The one rule for one, another rule for another needs to be eradicated from the game, otherwise, it starts to look like an agenda against a certain person.


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