Mourinho rubbishes reports that he is to leave Manchester United

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has spoken about the current speculation over his future at the Old Trafford club. The Portuguese manager has been subject to speculation suggesting that he could resign at some point between now and the end of the season, something that he himself dismissed as ‘garbage’. On Thursday, Matt Lawton of the Daily Mail had an ‘exclusive’ article stating that Mourinho ‘could’ resign at the end of the season which has been a constant negative since the Old Trafford club were knocked out of the Carabao Cup by Bristol City then drew three consecutive Premier League matches. United then beat Everton for the second time this season, which has not stopped the negativity.

Mourinho, speaking in his pre-match press conference at the AON Training Complex on Thursday afternoon stated that he had no intention to leave the Theatre of Dreams and that he was fully committed to his role as United manager. This seems to be a typical stunt by the media in the UK who always seem to become negative about United, yet every other team seems to get a better ride in the media. Jurgen Klopp shows his passion by screaming at a referee, Antonio Conte shows his passion by brushing off questions, Pep Guardiola shows his passion by running onto the pitch during a match but Jose Mourinho shows that he is the anti-christ by kicking a water bottle. It is all pretty embarrassing. Mourinho, reported by the official Manchester United website, said:

“It depends on what you want to know and what you want to speak about. If you want to speak about some news, I say garbage! I don’t find a better word to define the talk.

“If you want to ask me directly, which I suppose you want, if I see myself next season in Manchester United, I say I see myself [here] and, as I told you when I arrived, I am going to leave when the club wants me to leave because I have no intention to leave at all.

“My intention is to stay and to work and to improve and to bring the club to where the club belongs. I want to stay. I don’t see any reason not to stay.

“So, yes, I still have a contract. In fact, I am in the middle of my contract, I’m not in the last couple of months. My desire is to stay. It’s just a question of the club, the owners, the board, Mr [Ed] Woodward, [and what] they all want, [if] they all are happy with my contribution and they want me to stay beyond the end of this contract. But, yes, I want to stay.”

For the past few weeks now, the media had written numerous articles questioning the Portuguese manager’s dedication and professionalism, which is similar to what they did to Louis van Gaal just over two years before. It is like the media feel they control everything when it comes to Manchester United whether it be talking about players who arrived at the clubs training ground in a gloomy mood, reacting to images of the players or just having a go at Mourinho for something or other. Mourinho has not even missed a training session since arriving in Manchester in May 2016. The media seem to be obsessed with everything related to the club and ensure they use the words ‘Manchester United’ wherever they can. Speaking about this, Mourinho said:

“Speaking about my work and connecting my work to the garbage news is to say the worst thing that anyone can do to myself. It’s not to say that I am a bad manager, it’s not to say that I’m under-performing, it’s not to say that I made a mistake in this game or that game.

“I think the worst thing somebody can do to me is to put one inch of doubt in my professionalism, in my dedication to my club, to my job, to my players, to every detail related to my job.

“So, yes, the garbage news affected me just on this aspect but again I repeat, I am in the middle of my contract. If I am going to sign a new one or not, of course, depends on the club. But my commitment with the club is total.”

The media are turning the heads of so-called United supporters once again. Aiming to cause discontent and see the fans call for the manager to be sacked, which is what you can already see on social media, not that it makes much of a difference on there as you will always find the glory supporting plastic fans on social media calling for something or other, whether it is a United fan or a fan of another club – it doesn’t matter. The fact is that the media were wrong again. This has been proven by the manager. United are the bread and butter of every journalist out there and I guess they can now go back to fabricating transfer rumours, linking a multitude of players to the Theatre of Dreams. There was me thinking journalists were meant to inform facts, not fiction.

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