Ole Gunnar Solskjaer thinking about selling Anthony Martial based on the players poor attitude

Anthony Martial has always been a player who has brought excitement to Manchester United. He is a player that has the talent to be something and has shown this in glimpses, although not consistently. However, his attitude is something to worry about and also the main thing that could confirm him as yet another player not to make it at the Theatre of Dreams.

On Monday, the agency that represents Martial posted a defence of the player on Instagram, aiming to make people understand that he’s just as talented as the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs and David Beckham by scoring goals on par with these individuals in fewer matches. However, that means nothing when it is clear to see that the attitude of the player sucks, which is why rumours have surfaced about his future at the club.

The 23-year-old arrived at the Old Trafford club nearly four years ago, costing £36 million at the time but clauses in his contract have also been paid, making that outlay much higher. Martial was instantly branded as a ‘waste of money’ by the British media, something which bit them very quickly after the player’s debut which saw him scoring at Old Trafford against Liverpool.

Since signing for United, Martial has played in 173 matches, scoring 48 goals in all competitions. Whether that increases in the final match of the season where United will welcome Cardiff City to the Theatre of Dreams on Sunday, will depend on whether his attitude changes in training and whether Ole Gunnar Solskjaer feels he could add something to his flailing squad.

This season, Martial has played a part in 36 matches, scoring 12 goals also adding two assists. When you factor in that Paul Pogba is the clubs top scorer this season, with 16 goals, Romelu Lukaku is second with 15 goals and Marcus Rashford third with 13 goals, it leaves Martial in fourth place, scoring twice as many goals as Juan Mata, who is fifth. If you just look at those figures, it makes it seem like Martial is succeeding. However, that is obviously not the case as the team is not succeeding at anything right now.

Martial last scored a goal for United in the 2-1 victory over Watford on the 30 March 2019. He has played in seven matches since, not achieving much for his club. Recently in the warm-up at Old Trafford ahead of the Chelsea draw, Martial did not seem to put much effort in. That could be telling in the state of his attitude at the club. If this is one of the reasons by Solskjaer may consider selling him this summer, it is a good reason.

Martial FC will always defend their ‘superstar’ which is quite funny at times. When they don’t seem to get anywhere in the defence of this slacker, they start to accuse racism as the reason for the criticism of the petulant Frenchman. Playing the race card in issues such as this, just to defend a player who quite obviously is not pulling his weight or putting in an effort, is pretty pathetic.

Personally, I would like to see Martial perform to the best of his abilities for this club but there is a clear problem in the dressing room and players do not seem to be putting themselves on the line for this club, just happily coasting through matches whilst putting in the bare minimum collecting their massively inflated wages every week and living millionaire lifestyles away from the spotlight.

Player power is a problem at any club as the manager should be the one in control of the squad but when you have bad apples in the dressing room, the longer they stay there, the more chances of those bad apples making the other apples bad. United will have their work cut out this summer to solve the problems that the club has created for themselves.

If Martial can change his attitude and look like he is enjoying being a Manchester United player, putting in 100% of the effort required and helping drive the team forward, I am sure he will be forgiven by most. But if he is not prepared to do any of that, the door should be opened, he should be pushed through it and make sure he is not close to it when it slams shut.

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