One episode of the game didn’t ruin what Marcus Rashford had prepared next for Slovakia

Manchester United youngster Marcus Rashford excelled in England’s encounter against Slovakia and of course, he was highly praised by the media. However, the striker made a mistake who led to a Slovakian goal in which it felt that he had to make up for it and help the team react and score. In his reaction after the match, Rashford said that he didn’t owe anything and these things happen in football.

“No. You want to help the team anyway by scoring or with an assist. It doesn’t make a difference.It is football and you have your ups and you have your downs. I think the whole team reacted well and it is great that we got a goal back late in the first half.”

Everything changed after some advice from the England manager, saying him to calm down and do what they had been doing in training during the week. Fighting for the result was incredibly important as they are close to getting qualified for the World Cup that takes place in Russia next year.

“The manager said to just stay calm at half-time and try to work on the things we had been working in training over the week and I think that is what we all did and that is where we got the result from it.”

Then he spoke about the goal he scored and how he felt about it. Obviously, that was a special moment for the Manchester United player who is the man of the moment at the England team, inspiring his national team to two victories meaning that his momentum keeps going outside of the club as well.

“But to score, it is a special moment, and one that I will obviously keep with me for a long time. That is why people play football. We want to get the rewards, we want to put smiles on people’s faces. When you work hard, you get your rewards and that is what it is all about.”

The last important competition they took part in was indeed a low in their history, but rather than remembering a bad experience, Rashford wants to think of it as a good lesson for the future, aiming to learn from past mistakes.

“I won’t class Euro 2016 as a good experience because you never want to experience losing a tournament. I think it was a difficult one to take, but hopefully next time around, you hope to learn from it we and do better.”

He is being hopeful that this England team remains the same and bond so they can do great things together. When it comes to England, people always talk, speaking of their bad performances, things not working, so they always have something to add to the misery, somehow.

“Hopefully we can be together for years and years and what we’re doing now is just the start of everything. We could be talking about much greater things in the future. For the players and obviously for the fans as well, that’s what we all want.

“Everybody wants results, so it is difficult to please everyone. If we get a result and we didn’t play well, somebody has bad things to say. But if we play well but don’t get a result, there are other bad things to say.”

There are several worries regarding the national team, but there are things the players are trying to solve things between them and have a better relationship and a better understanding of the way they should behave.

“You have to get the right balance, but we’re young and provided we all stay together, we will work on relationships off the pitch to make us better on the pitch.

“There are a lot of things going on in the background that hopefully can bring the best out of all of us.”

Tottenham Hotspur central midfielder Eric Dier was full of praise for his teammate in the national team as they both changed things for England. We are fully of aware of the talent he has, the pace he possesses and most importantly the amount of hard work he does every day in training, showing his commitment towards every responsibility he is willing to take.

“He’s got fantastic potential like a lot of young English players. But I’m going to be the last person to big them up to let someone else knock them down. He’s a very talented young boy, but he’s got a long way to go and I’m sure he knows that. I’m sure he will keep his head down, keep working hard and hopefully he can fulfil that potential.”

While Marcus was trying to make not such a big deal out of the mistake he made, Eric says that everything he did after that error was coming back even stronger, scoring and assisting. This only shows the appreciation everyone has of his great personality and his talent on and off the pitch. Great players or those in making are always distinguished by these particular details and Marcus showed this perfectly, on Monday.

“I don’t think you need to say anything. Marcus is smart enough. He is a great lad, very level-headed. It was a great show of character from him, to come back after that [mistake] and get an assist and a goal.”

Now that International football has come to an end, he is ready to take over every defence in the Premier League, tearing them apart, one by one.

Written by Fabiola Cejku


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