Opinion: Does Robin van Persie have a future at Manchester United?

Robin van Persie

There has been a lot of speculation in the news over the future of Robin van Persie. After a poor season it seems as if he is on his way out of Manchester United. However I feel as if he does have a future a Manchester United, even though age is catching up with him he could still have a lot left in him and to prove to the fans that he is still one of the best strikers in the Premier League.

After a fantastic World Cup performance from we thought that we would start to see the best of him however Van Persie has not had the best season for Manchester United and it shows as in the Premier League in 27 appearances he has only managed to net 10 goals. I believe that he is not at fault and this season for him has been plagued with injuries and therefore he has not been able to have a good run of games.

The 31-year old has a year left on his contract and has not been offered a new contract by Louis van Gaal. It seems as if Van Persie is not part of Van Gaal’s plans for next season as he uses the 4-3-3 formation where only one striker is needed which will most likely be Wayne Rooney. Van Gaal will not try to force Van Persie away from Old Trafford, however he has told him that he will need to improve if is to keep his place at Manchester United.

Last season from Van Persie we saw instinctive flashes of brilliance however is it really enough from him? He is adamant to stay at the club and he can become a goal-scoring striker next season, as injuries were a key part for his failure to score goals in the past two seasons. Injures could be considered as an excuse for Van Persie but however I feel as if he has been under a lot of pressure since the 2013/14 season as fans want a lot more for him regarding movements or holding up the ball for someone to make the run. Van Persie has said this on this situation at Manchester united:

“If worse comes to the worse and I won’t be playing much next season I wouldn’t be in an ideal situation with Euro 2016 coming up. I can’t say much about it now. It’s a difficult situation.”

It would seem as if he is cross minded about this situation knowing that he has to step his game up in order to get into the starting line up. A move would guarantee that but he would have to think about his family as his son Shaqueel Van Persie is in the City academy and a move away from Manchester may hinder is football career.

Van Gaal looking for a new striker and the rise of James Wilson does not help the situation in my opinion as I feel it just adds the pressure onto Van Persie to perform. It’s simple; if Van Persie does not perform then Van Gaal will drop him. The reason of Van Persie’s failure last season was because of him teammates, I think that the did not get the required service that he needed from his teammates, same can go with Radamel Falcao as most of the corners and crosses that are put into the box are aimed towards Marouane Fellaini.

Is it a coincidence that two of the world’s best strikers have a poor season? Van Persie has not got the required service that he would like and it seemed as if this season no one was picking up his runs and there was not intent to find him for the runs that he was making. Van Persie still has the ability to make runs even though he is 31 it may mean that he has lost the pace but we cannot doubt the fact that he holds the ball up well and he can still finish.

Overall I think that Van Persie will perform next season if Van Gaal preservers with him, it wont be easy for both fans and manager as we want results but I feel as if Van Persie was not at fault this season as he faced many injures and I felt as if he did not get the service that he would have liked. Van Persie certainly has two seasons left with in, as age catches up it means that he wont be making as much runs or may not have the strength to hold up the ball which is what I think he does very well. What Van Persie needs to do is just to play his natural game and I believe its up to his teammates to find him. However I feel as if Van Gaal should offer him a year extension on his contract and I believe that next year we will see the Van Persie that stings venom into the oppositions defence.

This article was researched and written by Mitesh Sagar. You can follow him on Twitter.

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