Paul Pogba has proved his worth by helping France win the FIFA World Cup, says Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Former Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic believes that Paul Pogba has silenced his critics after his FIFA World Cup display which saw him not only scoring in the group stages, despite it being deflected, putting in some good performances, especially against Belgium but also scoring in the final and lifting the trophy his heroes lifted twenty years ago in Paris. Now at LA Galaxy, the Swedish superstar saw first hand the misfortunes of the Frenchman since making his return to the Old Trafford club, the sale summer as Ibrahimovic arrived.

During his time at United, Pogba has been criticised for his transfer fee, his lack of goals which is something clubs should get for the money paid, apparently, also being dropped by Jose Mourinho for lacking playing fluidity, which was shown against Tottenham Hotspur at Wembley back in January after Spurs beat United. Pogba has seen himself injured more than was acceptable by Mourinho and his coaches, something which could stem from his love of playing basketball during his off time.

During the World Cup this summer, Pogba’s form was different. He was still a target for criticism and Graeme Souness, who is clearly not a fan, seems to be one of the leading critics of the player. During the World Cup, the bitter former Liverpool player suggested that France coach Didier Deschamps should bench Pogba because he goes missing too often. Those words seem to have come back to haunt Souness, a bit like Ali Dia’s signing at Southampton has come back to haunt him, regularly.

Speaking to Sky Sports about Pogba, Ibrahimovic spoke about playing on the same team as Pogba for two years and how people like to give their opinion. Like it or not, Pogba has achieved a major accolade in his career by winning the World Cup and being one of the players that helped to attain that. In his time as a footballer, he has lost a UEFA Champions League final, a UEFA European Championships final but gone on to win the World Cup, the pinnacle of football. Ibrahimovic said:

“I played with him for two years and people like to give their opinion, which they have the right to do.

“They judge but I think the result speaks for itself.

“You don’t need to answer by your mouth, you can answer by your feet, and do what you are good at. That is the way it is supposed to be and the way I like to do it.

“He is young. He won the World Cup, he was in the Champions League final (with Juventus), the Europa League final (with United), the European (Championship) final (with France) – and he won many titles at Juventus.

“What more is there to say? Just enjoy the games and I know he will become better.”

Pogba will be full of confidence this summer during his rest and rehabilitation for the new season. It is unlikely that he will feature for United in any of the pre-season matches this summer with the fact that Pogba, Romelu Lukaku, Marouane Fellaini, Phil Jones, Jesse Lingard, Ashley Young and Marcus Rashford will not return to training until Monday 6 August 2018, just four days before United’s opening Premier League match of the season, missing pre-season altogether.

Whilst that was always a factor for some players this summer, it may not have been something that was expected with England, Belgium, and France making the last four of the tournament, with seven United players participating in the World Cup until the close of the tournament. United had 12 players partake in the tournament this summer with Nemanja Matic out after the group stages, David De Gea and Marcos Rojo out in the round of 16 and Victor Lindelof and Fred out in the quarter-finals.

The important thing for Pogba will be pressing on with his United career, full of confidence, transferring that onto the pitch and helping United earn the accolades that every supporter wants them to. We all know what Pogba is capable of. He has shown that this summer whilst playing for France. His participation for his country was simplified, which is something that he needs to carry over to club football. Pogba, despite injury and being dropped by Mourinho, had a good season last season and kicking on from that and glory at the World Cup could create something special.

Graeme Souness, your criticism of Pogba may become the fuel for him to succeed, something that will make you so much more bitter. Hearing you rip him to shreds on Sky Sports and the other television companies stupid enough to employ you will be heard no matter what as Pogba has achieved something you never achieved as a player. That has got to hurt as much as finding out that Ali Dia was not the player you thought you had signed. Pogba will once again make you look stupid, and you know it.

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