Paul Pogba may or may not require surgery, according to confusing reports

Manchester United lost the services of Paul Pogba after 19 minutes of their opening UEFA Champions League match against FC Basel nearly a fortnight ago, United winning the match 3-0. Pogba seemed to injure his hamstring in the match, his exact timeframe to return to full fitness not being discussed by manager Jose Mourinho, the player or his teammates. Reports have suggested that the French midfielder could have been out of action for twelve weeks, something Mourinho spoke out again, suggesting that he did not know the exact amount of time, but it was not twelve weeks or words to the same effect. Mourinho, at the time, said:

“I have no idea, but, again, it’s a great opportunity for other players to play and I trust them all, so I’m not going to cry or be counting the days until Pogba comes back, not at all.

“When he comes back, welcome, but until then, I trust my people.”

On Sunday, the ever (un)reliable Sun newspaper reported that Pogba could need surgery with United reportedly consulting Finnish surgeon, Sakari Orava, the guy who recently operated on Barcelona summer signing Ousmane Dembele. The writer of that piece, Alec Shilton, spoke about Pogba’s injury, also carrying a quote from the surgeon, Orava, which said:

“The decision on surgery will be made next week.

“His injury is a little different to Dembele, so he could heal without surgery.”

As stated before, Mourinho has confirmed that he has no idea how long Pogba will be out of action for, which has possibly spurred on these repetitive reports of his injury, nobody knowing the full extent of the injury, the time the player will spend on the sidelines, or anything else for that matter. This is where the speculation comes in, covering all the options so you are right in what you say, which is the same as backing every horse in a race so you actually won something, not taking notice of the fact you would actually lose money, in this case, respect. The Sun does not have a lot of that to play about with by all accounts.

The report has said that Pogba is not recovering, which is where the talk of an operation comes in. Plucking things from the air based on the fact Pogba has not been involved in any matches since he suffered the injury, which in this case allows the newspaper to suggest ‘he’s not getting better’. I always thought journalism was there to inform the facts, rather than making things up for the sake of it. I guess when money is your modus operandi, anything goes.

If that was not enough, The Sun, today came up with a new article, the headline reading; “Paul Pogba does NOT need surgery on hamstring problem and is not like Ousmane Dembele’s injury”. This sounds good, right? Then look into Dembele’s injury and find out he had ruptured tendons, Pogba has a hamstring injury. Of course, they are not the same. The when reading the article, this is stated in the first paragraph:

“Manchester United star Paul Pogba will find out if he requires surgery within the next week, according to reports.”

When the curtains do not match the drapes, it makes you wonder what is happening. In this case, the misleading headline confirming Pogba does not need surgery, then the opening paragraph suggesting the player will find out if he needs surgery within the next week. How are these newspapers allowed to misinform like this? How can they get away with this rubbish? This is how reliable The Sun is. They don’t actually inform, they contradict themselves.

Warren Haughton, the writer (if you can call them that) of this article seems to not know what is going on, putting out this tripe confirming that he does not know, which deep down is an updated version on Sunday’s article. Perhaps the newspaper did not make enough money from yesterday’s article, pushing it out in a different ‘misleading form’ again today. This report carries more quotes from Orava, this time crediting Finnish outlet HS as the source of the quotes, saying:

“His injury is a little different to Dembele because he can heal without surgery.

“This kind of problem is usually a sum of many coincidences and is affected by muscle fatigue as well as rapid stopping and quick turning, with the brain going quicker than the feet.

“A decision will be taken next week.”

So, we do not know whether Pogba will have to undergo surgery, or whether he will recover without it. The Sun has been pretty clear in that, despite the attempts to mislead. I am sure Mourinho will know when his player will be back, choosing not to say anything for a number of factors. Why should the media, who largely make up stories about the club be given correct information when all they seem to do is mislead? Why should Mourinho strengthen his opposition by letting them know when Pogba will be back. Look at the Stoke City match in which United dropped their first points of the season, conceding their first two goals in the Premier League. Manager Mark Hughes had Pogba marked as the weak link in United’s team, for some strange reason, why gift opposition teams information when you can just put Pogba into the team ahead of the match without them having lots of time to prepare.

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