Jose Mourinho talks about Feyenoord’s clear offside goal, but gets ready for the next match


Manchester United suffered their second straight defeat after a loss to Dutch side Feyenoord 1-0 away in the Europa league. A game that was set up nicely to give the squad a good rotation, and rest a number of key first team members, turned 180 and knocked Manchester United’s confidence even lower than after the loss in the Manchester Derby. The game represented many of the same faults that occurred against City, especially not being able to start strong from the get-go. United looked disorganized and out-of-place for majority of the game, as even though there were few chances were United could’ve taken the lead, or later on snatching a late equaliser, it never looked like the players were expecting to execute. What is worrying is the fact that Manchester United did not look any better than they did against Manchester City, making a number of fans worried about the capabilities of the squad. Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has expressed his opinion on the game and his side’s performance shortly after the game:

“Of course I’m not happy with the start. I think in the second half the game, in my opinion, we were always in control. We were trying to win and they were trying not to lose. We felt like they were collapsing a bit physically, they were in trouble and it was that moment in which we lost the game. It was double unlucky because it was a clear offside [for Feyenoord’s goal].”

As mentioned before, the performance of the team was very similar to the performance in the derby, where a slow start turned around and looked promising in the second half of the game. Had few players taken chances during the game, including Anthony Martial’s first opportunity half an hour into the game, I believe that the result would be very different. Mourinho has a similar belief, and continued:

“The second half was better than the first. We had more intensity than the first half because in the first my players were in control without pushing to try but the second was different. Feyenoord defended with everything, a great crowd, a great spirit we know that. We know that in the Europa League everyone wants to play Man United, everyone wants to fight until their limits, which they did. They had the luck to score in the last part of the game.”

I fully agree with Jose Mourinho’s statement. Whilst Feyenoord had the better first half, they didn’t have the same game plan going into the second, meaning that a winning goal wasn’t expected by the home side. When asked to discuss the substitutions he made coming into the game, Mourinho responded with:

“Look I don’t want to personalise. Some of the players were playing their first minutes of the season, not many minutes for them. Obviously some played better than others but I have to understand that some of these players haven’t played week after week like the other boys.”

It is never acceptable to Manchester United to lose a game, and excuses are almost never valid in the event of a loss. In this case however, there were many players, as Mourinho said, who are getting their first taste of life under a new manager and new philosophy, meaning that it will take time for some to gain form and perform in matches. What is unacceptable, is that a number of regular first team players let down their teammates who are coming into the squad, and that played a massive factor in today’s loss. Jose Mourinho ended with:

“It is obvious that we left players like [Antonio] Valencia and [Luke] Shaw at home to play and to rest so we go back to a normal team without so many changes.”

Manchester United never accept a loss, but this game gave a number of positives along with the obvious negatives, and that should be taken into account. Being able to rest players, introduce players to the new style of football, and give more experience to the likes of Marcus Rashford are just some of the benefits that came with todays loss. Hopefully though, this does not happen again, and United are able to put in a good run of games in the Europa League. Next up: back to the Premier League…

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