Wayne Rooney on his milestone: “A bit strange to be honest! It would be nicer if it was the winning goal”

Manchester United’s 1-1 draw with Stoke was filled with excitement and moments to remember, most notably Wayne Rooney’s record-breaking goal, and with many events and controversial incidents in the match, one can expect some interesting post-match comments in the media.

Rooney himself described his strike as strange, saying it would have been better if it was the winner. The Englishman also noted that he didn’t know how much time was remaining, and he was more focused on moving on to get the match winner. While admitting that it’s a proud day for the Englishman, he also proclaimed his disappointment, implying that he wanted to win the match just as much as he wanted to break the Manchester United all-time scoring record with his efforts.

“A bit strange to be honest! It would be nicer if it was the winning goal. I’m disappointed in not getting three points, but there is no denying that it’s a proud moment for me and a huge honour to get that record. Just a bit dampened, if you like, by the result. I wasn’t aware of how long was left in the game and I wanted to get back to the halfway line and push for the second goal. But we didn’t have much time left. A disappointing result but a proud day for me.”

Not underestimating the meaning of this achievement, Wayne Rooney showed Manchester United pride by declaring the honour with which he has broken Sir Bobby Charlton’s record. He also expressed his satisfaction at the ability to play for a club with world class footballers.

“It means a hell of a lot. It is a great honour and I am very proud. It is difficult at the minute to be over-pleased because of the result, but in the grand scheme it is huge honour. It is not something I expected when I joined. I am proud and I hope there is more to come. The players who have played for this club have been world class.”

Jose Mourinho, speaking about Wayne Rooney’s record, declared the Englishman a legend of the biggest club in England, in a set of comments that will only please Manchester United fans. Mourinho also noted that it takes a legend to surpass a legend because Sir Bobby Charlton’s record cemented his obvious status as a legend of English football.

“The record is the record. It is the record of the biggest club in England and one of the biggest in the world. Before him the record belonged to a legend of English football. Now Wayne becomes a legend of Manchester United.”

Finally, Sir Bobby Charlton had something to say about the record himself, admitting his disappointment that he lost the record, but the United legend said he was happy for Rooney, who deserved every single one of the 250 goals he scored.

“I would be lying to say that I’m not disappointed to have lost the record. However, I can honestly say that I’m delighted for Wayne. He deserves his place in the history books. He is a true great for club and country, and it is fitting that he is now the highest goalscorer for both United and England.”

Next, United will finish up the EFL Cup semi-final against Hull City, hopefully gaining enough comfort from their 2-0 cushion from the first leg to advance to the next round of competition. However, more results and better results will be expected of the Red Devils in the coming months, and Wayne Rooney clearly still has a part to play in that matter.


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