Rui Faria explains the Mourinho incident, while Herrera cuts a deeply frustrated figure!

Manchester United drew against West Ham United, a draw at home for the fourth straight time and things for Jose Mourinho and his team keep getting worse in the league. The Red Devils now stand eight points off the fourth spot and a massive eleven points off the top. It was just the same story repeated over and over again for the past four weeks. For some reason, United are not able to finish off the innumerable chances that they create. In spite of being thoroughly dominant and producing several scoring opportunities, United came back with just a point, which is simply not good enough.

Yes, the performances have been much better and there has been a visible improvement to the gameplay as compared to the last season. But without anything to show on the paper, that hardly matters. It is starting to get to a point where the confidence in players might start to shake up. The frustration levels in the fans, as well as the players, will now be at an all-time high this season. This was evidently clear in Ander Herrera’s post game interview. He cut a visibly frustrated figure, lost for words and reasons as to why would his team, after playing so well for so long, is still not getting the points that they deserve.

“Another game the same. We control the game completely from the kick-off. They score a very lucky goal and then we control and create chances.

“Their keeper was the best one more time. That happened against Stoke, Burnley and Arsenal. We don’t know what we have to do to win a game. We have more possession than the opponents. I don’t know, honestly.

“I have had a run like this but not playing good. The way we are playing we are controlling the whole game from the kick-off. Football is about scoring goals and finishing and we are not doing that right. It is true.”

Talking to MUTV, he further vented his frustration about how the luck has not been on their side and understandably so. His reaction is basically a true representation of how each and every fan must be feeling right now.

The fill-in manager, Rui Faria, who took over the mantle after Mourinho was sent off for the second time this season, seemed a little more calm and optimistic.

“We did more than enough to win the game in a comfortable way.

“We didn’t and the reality is that we are playing well. The team is doing what we ask. We create the opportunities but we are not scoring the goals and we are suffering because we want to win the matches.

“The answers are on the pitch. We create good chances and as a team we played very well. What we didn’t get was the goals that should happen with the opportunities we create to win the match.

“We can say we are unlucky and in the last matches we should get different results. We all believe the results will appear.”

Faria was not going to get away without getting asked about the Mourinho sending off and he dealt with it in the best way possible, without making things worse.

“The referee explained it to Jose and there is nothing more to say. I think there was frustration from Jose after the yellow card for Pogba. It should be a foul for us but the referee understood it in another way.

“I don’t take over. I follow the normal procedure. The boss is Jose all the time and he passes on what is the best for the team and we just try to make it happen without having him there.”

As has been the pattern, it was West Ham’s goalkeeper, who was the best player for them, again. Darren Randolf, however, gave the credit to the whole team, who was switched on at all the time.

“We rode our luck and had to defend for our lives at times.

“It was important to come out and have a good performance and show we can compete against the big teams. We genuinely believed we could get something from the game.

“It wasn’t just me that needed to be switched on it was the whole team and they were.”

This is now getting towards a panic point, where maybe the top four is still not out of reach but the poor run of results are doing very little to help the fans stay optimistic. United will play against West Ham again in three days time, for the EFL Cup this time and will be looking to avenge the loss. But the truth is, League is what matters right now, not the EFL Cup or the Europa League. It just feels that the flurry of games just upsets the team’s preparation and recovery. But that is how modern day football is and that is what the team needs to be accustomed to. Mourinho, now, has a big task on his hand of turning the team’s fortunes around but before that would want to make sure that the players are not emotionally wasted due to this frustrating run.

Written by Chinmay Padhye


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