Rating Manchester United Transfer Rumours: Sergio Busquets to Old Trafford?

As the summer comes closer, the list of players linked to Manchester United is growing once again. With 27 players linked to United in the last week, it can be tough to differentiate between reality and rumour. Once an Arsenal youth product, news has surfaced saying Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is unsettled at the Emirates and wants a move, and Arsene Wenger is reportedly willing to let him go. Benfica’s star midfielder Renato Sanches is lighting up the world at just 18, and he’s linked with a high-profile switch to England this summer. Finally, contract talks have stalled between Barcelona and stalwart midfielder Sergio Busquets, and reports say he is looking to switch to English football this summer.

Will Manchester United be moving for any of these players? If so, could we see them at Old Trafford next season? Would it be a good move for United looking forward?

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Matt Henderson: You have to laugh sometimes, don’t you? The simply absurd nature of this rumour falls well into this category. However, there are worse options out there definitely. Though he may never have hit the promised heights of his early career he still is very much capable of conjuring something up. But he really hasn’t excelled at Arsenal and wouldn’t be someone that United should look to sign as he is no better than what is currently on offer at the club.

Likelihood of Transfer: 2/10
Quality of Transfer: 2/10

Aaron Moniz: Though he was a youth star, Oxlade-Chamberlain has since failed to kick on and I’m not sure he would have the consistent opportunity to do so at United. The club already seems to have more talented youth stars than Chamberlain, and Arsenal would probably charge United an excessive fee for a player of his level. United would be better served to make a move for FK Partisan’s Andrija Zivkovic, who is three years younger and the youngest to ever play for Serbia’s national team. Zivkovic would come on a free transfer because his contract expires at the end of the season.

Likelihood of Transfer: 4/10
Quality of Transfer: 5/10

Paul Bienkowski: Some of the rumours coming out of the rumour mills are just laughable. It is like they have come from someone who just does not understand football at all. A few years ago, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was a player with prospects and the ingredients for something special. Fast forward a few years; he cannot get into the Arsenal side as a starter, he seems to struggle and above all, he seems to be past his best and all before he reaches the age of 23. To read that Manchester United are ‘apparently’ monitoring him this summer would just suggest to me that the club are scraping the barrel if that is, of course, true. My Victor Meldrew moment; “I don’t believe it.”

Likelihood of Transfer: 2/10
Quality of Transfer: 3/10

Renato Sanches

Matt Henderson: I will admit that I haven’t seen a great deal of this lad. But what I’ve heard has all been positive and more about the 18-year-old wonderkid. He’s apparently tearing it up in Portugal and is a real prospect if you believe what you read. Strong, quick, skillful, loves a tackle and is partial to a goal or two, if the hype is right about him then he is right up United’s street in the middle of the park. The one concern is ‘Anderson Syndrome’ but if he can join and stay on track there’s definite potential.

Likelihood of Transfer: 8/10
Quality of Transfer: 7/10

Aaron Moniz: I’ve only watched him a couple of times, but I’m very impressed with Sanches overall. At just 18, he’s been one of the best midfielders in Europe this season, and he’s been spectacular from beginning to end this year. United seems to be struggling to replace Michael Carrick, and if they brought in Sanches he would probably be the part. That being said, for the £40 million fee I saw touted, United would probably be reluctant to spend so much on a youth product right after Anthony Martial and Memphis.

Likelihood of Transfer: 6/10
Quality of Transfer: 7/10

Paul Bienkowski: This young Portuguese midfielder is one of the most promising players in Europe at this moment in time. Rising through the ranks into the first team at Benfica and taking huge steps since his debut. He’s fast, strong and determined and seems to fit the profile of what a Manchester United midfielder should be doing. It seems a lot of money, but just look at the money paid for Anthony Martial last summer, and so far that seems to be a bargain for a player like him. If Sanches does make the move and does well, United will have done some good business once again.

Likelihood of Transfer: 7/10
Quality of Transfer: 7/10

Sergio Busquets

Matt Henderson: I’m a long-term admirer of Sergio Busquets. As a defensive midfielder, there aren’t many better out there than the Spaniard. There can be absolutely no doubts about his talent and the stats speak for themselves, the only question surrounding his transfer is whether he’d flee Barcelona or not. The chances of it are slim, but anything is possible in football, so if there is any sniff of an opportunity then it should be leapt upon. As far as strengthening the middle goes, Busquets ticks all the boxes.

Likelihood of Transfer: 3/10
Quality of Transfer: 9/10

Aaron Moniz: Of every player currently at Barcelona, Sergio Busquets, in my books, seemed the least likely to leave. However, apparently contracts have stalled. As a deal, this one is a no-brainer. If Busquets is available, he is one of the five best midfielders in the world and United cannot allow anyone else to snap him up. If Busquets lined up alongside Morgan Schneiderlin, United would not concede goals at all. However, Busquets seems to love Barcelona, and the Catalonians would not sell him cheaply.

Likelihood of Transfer: 2/10
Quality of Transfer: 8.5/10

Paul Bienkowski: Sergio Busquets is a quality player and is an asset to Barcelona based on the fact he can play in a few vital positions. The midfield is something which Manchester United have struggled in recently, with Wayne Rooney’s role in the midfield recently benefiting the club. Busquets would be a dream signing for any club, but you just have to ask why he would leave Barcelona, a side who despite having some troubles, are not all that far away from being the finished product once again. Why would you leave a team where you can play alongside Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar, among others.

Likelihood of Transfer: 1/10
Quality of Transfer: 8/10

Written by Aaron Moniz


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