Ratings: Pogba show of his class, Rashford stunning once again

Manchester United will be back in Wembley to play Southampton in the EFL Cup after beating Hull City overall 3-2, even though that it was Hull who won tonight but thanks to goal advantage in the first leg and a goal from Paul Pogba tonight saw United move forward in the final.

Many would have expected a different lineup as Anthony Martial was dropped from the team again, confirming somehow the issues between the player and the manager. However, Jose Mourinho won’t make any comment on this as probably he is testing the players nerves just like he did with Mkhitaryan. The fans must remain calm as the Jose treatment may be harsh but it does work.

With Mata and Mkhitaryan rested, it was Rashford and Lingard who started in the wings, where Lingard surely had a few difficulties going as he never really showed up for the game. On the other hand, Rashford keeps showing his incredible talent, a real nightmare for Hull City tonight.

Yet, coming with goal advantage in this second game, it looked like United’s vigilance was lower than usual and the way the game started showed this really well. Six attempts for Hull and none for United and even possession was in their favour. Getting comfortable with this showed early issues as Darmian isn’t Antonio Valencia and he can be a good defender but he lacked desire once again and as no potential threat was created by him. Marcos Rojo did move well, yet a Luke Shaw feature was expected tonight.

The real problem was the connection and of course, the referee would somehow make an impact in the game, penalty for Hull which it didn’t stand at all. Huddlestone put it past De Gea and the Tigers were actually growing confident. However, it was Pogba, in the second half that leveled the game showing that the poor moments are gone and this goal boosted his confidence with a show of class.

Yet, Hull went ahead again to make things just a little bit harder for United but in the end, it’s United who makes it and goes to Wembley. Unbeaten streak is over, while Herrera makes his 100th performance for the game.

Here are the player ratings for tonight’s game:

Manchester United

1 David De Gea

Always shows class when needed, nice save in that free kick early in the first half and his reflexes didn't let him down against Dawson. There was nothing he could in that penalty. Besides this, the Spaniard hasn't had much to do, yet always ready when needed.


36 Matteo Darmian

It's the same thing with the Italian all over again. He is a great defender but the job he does up front doesn't come closer to the job Valencia does. Invisible in the attacks United make, not sure what he is thinking. He must change, luckily Antonio Valencia will be back for the next game.


4 Phil Jones

Growing in confidence game after game, showing how well Mourinho has worked with several players and Phil's mentality has changed. A few good blocks from the English, but his only mistake was letting go by that Hull goal late in the game. Should have done much better there.


12 Chris Smalling

Signs of the old Mike Smalling with that tackle that denied Dawson from scoring and made a few clearances. It has been a quiet game for the defender and this game surely gave him confidence, tough competition expects him.


5 Marcos Rojo

Surely has stepped up on his game recently. He surely had nothing to do with that penalty but the referee thought it in the other way. Besides that, the Argentine did well. He had a chance to score in the second as his header only found the post.


16 Michael Carrick

Like a maestro, nothing escapes Carrick. The freedom he gave to Pogba managed to send him upfront and Pogba didn't miss the chance.


21 Ander Herrera

Moves well and quickly. His passes have found Ibra and Lingard and was always there to keep the team upfront. 100th match for the club, same commitment from day one. Those hilarious reactions when the referee doesn't give a decision in our favour, keep coming, acting like a real and true captain.


14 Jesse Lingard

Came off for Rooney. His movement was good but things really need to change as the player has to focus more and that was lacking tonight. He was ineffective in the wings and fantasy was definitely an issue. Completely invisible today.


6 Paul Pogba

Showing off a few great skills and after those two poor games, Pogba responded well scoring a beautiful goal for United. Carrick back in the team, meant a lot to his form and he delivered. Claimed a penalty but the referee denied him once again.


19 Marcus Rashford

His pace once again is stunning and the team focused on him tonight as he seemed the only threat we had upfront in the first half. Hull defenders were surely having a headache. That run was terrifying Hull, unlucky to find the net.


9 Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The Swede had a few chances in the first half where he could have easily scored but was quiet and surely didn't show his full potential. Saving his energies for later, he should have probably be given rest and play Martial.



Wayne Rooney

A few good moves, but didn't have any impact in the game like in the previous one.


27 Marouane Fellaini

Came on really late for Rashford and didn't have the time to make any impact.



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