Ratings: Herrera, Valencia and De Gea fantastic as always, Fellaini the right choice

It was the time for the biggest match in England, the only game that can come closer to El Classico or even better than that. An important game, that holds history and the hate between the sides is mutual. Manchester United was looking forward to making it 10 straight wins in a row to maintain the status as the team in form in the English football, while Liverpool trying to keep up with the rival teams. With Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City falling apart at Goodison Park this was the perfect chance for United to level with City and to make the title race even more interesting.

United’s Starting XI made one clear statement; to attack and win this thing. The only doubt fans had, was the involvement of Darmian in the left-hand side, with Blind being benched, while there were no doubts about that midfield three that has become irreplaceable, while it had to be only two players chosen from this four: Martial, Mkhitaryan, Rashford, and Mata. Zlatan came back in the Starting XI after being rested for two games, giving Jose Mourinho the luxury of fresh legs ahead of the English Derby.

As expected and as requested by Jose Mourinho the atmosphere at Old Trafford was electrifying. It ended in a draw but surely doesn’t say a lot about the game’s chances. Liverpool started well by keeping possession and trying to impose the game but neither side had a clear chance to score.

Mkhitaryan, Martial kept on trying to enter through the Liverpool defence but surely more movement was needed and Martial wasn’t being helped by Darmian. As for Mkhitaryan, the Armenian still needs to work on moving wide as every attack started by his feet was being blocked. The fresh air in the midfield was also missing as Carrick had a bad game, not giving the space that both Herrera and Pogba needed. The prodigal son on the other side was shocking as a handball changed the game with Liverpool going ahead.

Rooney, searching for the record got in for Carrick and made United more offensive and his movement was important in that goal. Zlatan who had a few chances to score in the second half didn’t lose the chance to level the game as Fellaini’s attempt only found the post. One point won as United were poor and surely had to step up. There are a few issues the team has to change and Jose needs to take note from few performances.

Here are the ratings for today’s game:

Manchester United

1 David De Gea

Another game, more brilliant saves. Did pretty well in the first half but couldn't save that penalty converted in-goal by Milner. Crucial save from Dave to stop Coutinho from scoring the second for Liverpool. It's him the saviour as usual for United in two or three other chances from the visitors.


25 Antonio Valencia

Never gets tired, the move on that right-hand side never stops. One of the best on the pitch for United keeps pushing forward but no-one was at the end of his crosses. His defensive work was good as well. Absolutely stunning work once again from him. That cross was really important to affirm that the break is made from the wings.


4 Phil Jones

Fitness, the only concern that was keeping him out of the football pitch is past now. An error in the middle of the first half could have cost United a lot. Constantly under pressure and felt insecure several times, but those clearances in the second half were really important.


5 Marcos Rojo

It was the game that everyone was waiting to see if the Argentine was good enough to have a secure place in Jose's Starting XI. Good clearances in the first half, helping the team during a chaotic moment in the final third. Did well in the second half as well.


36 Matteo Darmian

Started the game well, but needs to be more supportive towards Martial. I give him credit for the work he did in defensive terms but the Italian needs to make the break-up front. Had a good game overall but in the right standards. Blind might have done better than him.


16 Michael Carrick

Everything goes past Carrick's feet, but that's not exactly what we looked forward from him in this game. A couple of errors, childish mistakes, if I may. It was a bad game from him honestly and his substitution was more than justified.


21 Ander Herrera

Crucial passes from the Spaniard that aren't being used well especially by Mkhitaryan. Another good game for him but his centre midfield partners haven't helped much him in the cause. It's always him that makes the important move both upfront and in the back. Playing mind games with Liverpool players all over the pitch to frustrate them, mission accomplished.


22 Henrikh Mkhitaryan

It's still unbelievable how he missed those two chances in the first half. His strong point is the way he moves down the middle and that's what he was lacking in the first half. It was the same thing with him in the second half, not sure what is going through his head. Struggled to keep possession in crucial moments that could have been converted in chances to score.


6 Paul Pogba

A handball in the first half cost a lot to the team as James Milner scored from the spot. Surely grew frustration into him but didn't protest as it was the right decision. Seemed nervous and didn't settle well in the first half after that error. His worst game in this season for United. He is young and has a lot to learn but he completely blew it off today.


11 Anthony Martial

Did well, his pace is stunning. Liverpool's defence had issues on keeping him isolated. Whether it's a personal attack or a cross, Martial is always there but hasn't helped himself a lot. It's pretty unusual to see Martial to do defensive work, but he definitely has worked out with his issues lately.


10 Zlatan Ibrahimovic

That free kick should have gone past Mignolet. The Swede should have benefited from an error early in the first half from the Liverpool keeper. Quiet in the second half, but clinical in the right moments. Won United a valuable point in a frustrating game.



Ratings: Herrera, Valencia and De Gea fantastic as always, Fellaini the right choice

Came in for Carrick in the start of the second half. Made United more offensive but struggles to get the right shot in the final third.


8 Juan Mata

Came in for Martial to make those attacks from United a bit more mature. Did good but there were a few moments that his lack of defensive skills could have cost us a lot.


27 Marouane Fellaini

Came in for Darmian. Many might have doubted Jose for this decision when he had Rashford as a choice in the bench, but the Belgian had a great game. Unlucky as he found the post and did a great job to keep United upfront.


Written by Fabiola Cejku


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