Ratings: Outstanding performances by Goss, Harrop and Gribbin but a disappointing result

Lacking the striking force up front, Reserves simply can’t make the break and win a game away from home. Improvising with a false ‘9’ certainly didn’t work for Nicky Butt. Scott McTominay, the chosen one for the role had a poor game and failed to score in those few chances he could’ve possibly done so. The man who returned from injury just a few weeks ago, pulling some wonderful displays for the U18’s helped the Reserves get a positive result by combing with Harrop in several cases during the game, making the opponent work really hard to take the ball away from him. Another disappointing as result as United were all over the place in the first half and couldn’t get the three points as a messy defence didn’t help Kieran O’Hara in his job.

We all agree that things need to change at the side as they are in serious need of a striker of Marcus Rashford’s caliber. Last year it was Will Keane who did the job at Adams Park scoring a hat trick on his birthday but with Keane now at Hull City and James Wilson injured, someone needs to step up. With both Andreas Pereira and Adnan Januzaj out on loan, the tactic of a false ‘9’ isn’t simply working any longer. It is surely disappointing that you see the Reserves lacking a striking force while tonight it was Adnan Januzaj who scored for the young Black Cats in their fixture against Spurs.

With Joe Riley now injured, United should think of a solution for a sloppy defence that is only based on Tuanzebe’s performances. Sadiq El Fitouri is yet to find his best form while Poole and Williams doesn’t seem good enough.

Goals: Josh Harrop 28′ penalty, 29′

Manchester United: O’Hara; Williams, Tuanzebe, Poole (Olosunde 85′), Riley (El-Fitouri 21′); Willock Redmond, Goss; Harrop, McTominay, Gribbin (Mitchell 84′)

Substitutes Not Used: Moutha-Sebtaoui, Kehinde

Manchester United

45 Kieran O’Hara

Made a few good saves in tonight’s game. Couldn’t do much at the two goals he conceded, however he did put in risk the result with an unstudied move in the end.


Ro-Shaun Williams

Solid, yet doesn’t help with the high balls coming out into the dangerous zone. Definitely should be more careful next time.


38 Axel Tuanzebe

Great job again. Sometimes it seems like he is the only one getting the job done at the defence. From headers to clearing the ball.


Regan Poole

Helped O’Hara to clear the ball in the first minutes of the game. Was obliged to switch sides as Joe Riley was substituted early in the game. Didn’t link up well, not fast enough to go forward and can’t keep possession. Expected more for him. Lucky to stay until the 85th minute.


Joe Riley

Didn’t have much of an impact in the game as he was injured and was substituted in the 21th minute by El Fitouri.


Matty Willock

A poor game from him and a devastating second half. Didn’t hear much of him the entire game. Did a little to send the team upfront and a few passing done right. Other from that, shocking.


Devonte Redmond

Once again failed to deliver the ball when needed and once again went unnoticed for the entire game.


Ratings: Outstanding performances by Goss, Harrop and Gribbin but a disappointing result

Was stopped twice to get that winner for United. Outstanding performance once again. Nearly got an assist as McTominay failed to score. Linked well with the other part of the team. Quiet in the early minutes of the second half but started doing his magic soon.


Ratings: Outstanding performances by Goss, Harrop and Gribbin but a disappointing result

Scored twice, easily might have scored as the second half started. Doing well for a few games now. His partnership with Gribbin gives you hope for this side.


39 Scott McTominay

A disappointing performance that was supposed to lead United in the attack tonight. Had two chances to score. It’s a shame that brilliant Goss ball wasn’t converted into a goal.


Callum Gribbin

Another amazing performance by the player that returned from injury a few weeks ago. Another assist for him tonight. Won United the penalty, was all over the place in the first half. Went quiet for a few minutes in the second half, but then got back dangerous as always.



Ratings: Outstanding performances by Goss, Harrop and Gribbin but a disappointing result

Came in for Joe Riley. The player is yet to find his best form but did help the team at times. Had to be careful as was booked early in the second half.


Matthew Olosunde

Got in to help United in the defensive terms. Didn’t have an impact.


35 Demetri Mitchell

Didn’t have impact in the game. Had a good chance to win it for United in the last minutes. Apart from that nothing. else.


Written by Fabiola Cejku


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