Reports state that Jose Mourinho could sell Eric Bailly but it seems to be supposition rather than fact

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is reportedly ‘so frustrated’ with Ivory Coast defender Eric Bailly that he could sell him, according to the Independent. Bailly has started just one match for United since the Manchester derby on the 7th April 2018 in which United came from 2-0 down to beat Manchester City 3-2. The reason suggested for the frustration is because Mourinho has been unable to pick the 24-year-old for a number of reasons.

Earlier in May, Mourinho suggested he was not using the Ivorian because his country had not made the FIFA World Cup in Russia this summer, therefore allowing the other players in defence, most of whom could appear for their respective countries in the competition this summer. Bailly started against Watford in the final Premier League match of the season just over a week ago and his performance earmarked him, by supporters, for a spot in the FA Cup final squad on Saturday. He was part of the squad but did not play.

Mourinho gave reasons for Bailly’s lack of inclusion, because of players wanting to make their respective World Cup teams, saying:

“There’s no situation, he is fine, no injury. He is one of our five central defenders and honestly my work is not about World Cups and preparing players for the World Cup or giving chances to players at the World Cup, but he’s the only central defender whose country is not in the World Cup.

“So if I have to make a kind of more emotional effective choice to help my players he’s the one I’m not going to help. Rojo, Lindelof, Jones, Smalling, all of them are wishing to make the squad for the World Cup and Eric is not under that pressure.

“I try to be a good team manager and that means a bit cold, a bit selfish but I’m not as bad as that and I still have space for a little bit of feelings so when I look to the other four central defenders fighting for a position in the World Cup I am giving less to Eric.”

Of course, this report from the Independent, written by Miguel Delaney is highly speculative and more of an opinion than fact. When Manchester United lose a match, the media seem to assemble every piece of negative news they have, birth speculation that they can use it to demonstrate fact throughout the summer, then when the player they are saying could be sold, is still at the club, they forget all about the lies they created and spread as if they were facts.

We are in silly season now, there is going to be a lot of misinformation as the media aim to drive traffic to their sites to coin in the cash, which is seemingly what they do every season and seems to get worse each and every transfer window. They link players to United, link players with an exit, on the supposition that anything can happen, then if it does, and their whim become an actual fact, they claim they were first out with the information. It seems to be all about the ego, rather than informing people of actual news.

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