Romelu Lukaku anticipates working with Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Imagine having both Romelu Lukaku and Zlatan Ibrahimovic at one football club. The options, goal-scoring prowess, and ability to kill off matches would be incredible, with each player adding enthusiasm, personality, and exuberance to the club in massive doses.

Luckily for Manchester United, Jose Mourinho has managed to secure the services of both strikers for the 2017/18 season, and upon Ibrahimovic’s return from injury, the Portuguese manager will have a plethora of striking options to choose from. Mourinho likely relishes these options as much as Lukaku himself, who has recently proclaimed his excitement to be working with Ibrahimovic this season.

Lukaku, who has scored 7 goals in 5 appearances for club and country this season, declares that he knew Ibrahimovic would be re-signing for Manchester United but he didn’t tell anyone. He notes the 35-year-old’s infectious personality, adding that it is something very much-needed at Old Trafford.

I already knew for a while that Zlatan would sign but I didn’t tell anyone. I’m happy. We need his personality.”

The Belgian striker explains that his potential partner up top will have one mission this season- winning the Premier League. Lukaku wants Ibrahimovic to achieve this goal and explains that he and United’s other players will do everything in their power to help this happen.

“I think Zlatan will bring us a lot. I think he has one mission, and that is to win the Premier League, and we’re going to help him reach his goal.”

Mentoring teenaged striker Marcus Rashford last season, many figures around the club have stated their belief that Ibrahimovic left his mark on the young Englishman, and now, he could have the same impact on Romelu Lukaku, a striker who is already very close to being one of the best in the world.

In this sense, United’s three strikers are now almost siblings, each in a different developmental stage and ready to work hard for each other and improve side by side. The impact that Ibrahimovic has on the club will clearly be important enough to justify his wages whether he can score many goals or not.

The fact that he is a legend of the game and wants to win the Premier League and Champions League for the first time gives incentive to the rest of the young squad to achieve their goals this season, trying their hardest to squeeze as much as possible out of the season.

As Lukaku stated, the Swedish striker’s personality is extremely important in the dressing room, which has been evident throughout his career. The charisma and enthusiasm added to the dressing room by Ibrahimovic is only matched by the raw confidence and composure he possesses, two traits which helped United on the search for Europa League and EFL Cup glory last season.

The fact that Lukaku, Ibrahimovic, and Rashford scored a combined 65 goals last season is a daunting prospect, and with the former and latter expected to improve, Ibrahimovic is left to lead the squad through the toughest of times. Therefore, his re-signing could be extremely important, and based on Lukaku’s comments, that is most likely the case.

Written by Aaron Moniz


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