Romelu Lukaku gives Manchester United two weeks to facilitate Inter Milan transfer

Another day and another Romelu Lukaku story in the media. This one is similar to yesterdays though. The Belgian striker wants to leave for Inter Milan this summer, joining Antonio Conte at the club, the manager who he calls the best in the world, something he has said himself. However, the player will not force a move – although he has set the club a deadline to sort out his future. I’m off to find that Alanis Morrissette song!

Jokes and sarcasm aside, it seems that Lukaku is not happy at United but equally, the fans are not happy with him. It’s one of those 50/50 things in football. Lukaku would be a great striker at the club if there was creativity behind him, feeding him with the balls to score goals. However, that is not the case. United has Paul Pogba, who does not but a gut unless he wants to and a lack of creativity behind the striker.

In all fairness, Lukaku has previously, before signing for United, spoken about a desire to play football in Italy, so this is fair enough in my opinion. Lukaku has scored many goals at United and had a good first season but was poor last season and was dropped by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, which has obviously started this want to leave the club, despite having three years left on his contract, with a fourth to be added.

It is stated that Lukaku has given United two weeks to sort out his future which is just before United heads to Australia (Perth Glory and Leeds United) to start their pre-season tour of the region before heading into Singapore (Inter Milan) and China (Tottenham Hotspur) to partake in the International Champions Cup, before playing the final game in Cardiff (AC Milan), albeit after a friendly match in Norway (Kristiansund).

Lukaku has scored 42 goals in 96 appearances at United in the two years which have elapsed. When you look at it, it is not a bad record. However, scoring goals against the top six clubs is a problem for the Belgian but also a problem for United as a whole. It is all well and good having a top striker but if the creativity is not good, the number of goals scored will not be that great. That is Ed Woodward for you, I guess.

Lukaku does not feel important to Solskjaer, after being dropped when the Norwegian arrived at the club, which was because he was not scoring – hardly rocket science. But obviously, that is not something that is being thought of here, maybe? Lukaku does not have a future at United, because, seemingly, he does not want one. It all seems to be a lot more time wasted for United, bringing in players who did not actually want the move in the first place.

It is all well and good for Lukaku to give United two weeks to sort his future out but the fact that Inter Milan will not pay the fee that United wants for him is not really a problem for United to sort out, that will be one for Inter to sort out. They will need to pay up or give United a player they want as part of the deal. This is hardly rocket science either.

Lukaku might have been a flat track bully on the pitch for United, but not in this instance. United paid £75 million for him, which could have reached £90 million, they are free to set their own price, which is what they’ve done. If Inter Milan don’t want to pay it, Lukaku cannot demand United sell him at a lower fee as they have him contracted for three years, four if you add the clause of a further year. Time to put up or shut up!

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