Ryan Giggs backs Zlatan Ibrahimovic to deliver goals Manchester United need

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

When you spend 29 years at one club you tend to know the ins and outs of everything about it. Ryan Giggs joined United at 14 years of age and has announced at age 43 he is off to pursue his dream of football management. He is a true legend who knows Manchester United.

Another thing the Welsh Wizard knows about is goals, scoring them and assisting them. He scored 168 goals in his United career but failed to see the Red Devils hit the heights once he hung his boots up. United’s goal scoring prowess, what they were known for under Sir Alex Ferguson, seemed to completely disappear under the watchful eye of Louis van Gaal. But, with Mourinho now in place, Giggs has lauded the goal scoring ability of United’s newest arrival, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Speaking to ITV, Giggs said:

“I think it’s a terrific signing. I mean United, we were short of goals last year and he’s a proven goal scorer.”

Now that Zlatan has arrived in the world’s most popular league, his critics will point to the fact that he’s scored a lot of goals but in Ligue 1, not known to be the toughest league. Ibrahimovic will have a lot to prove when United take the pitch on August 13th against Bournemouth, but Giggs isn’t worried. “Okay, he’s going into the Premier League from the French league which is weaker, but he’s someone who, as a player, you see him walk into the dressing room and you see a winner, you see a character and you’re seeing a bit of class.”

This is the kind of signing that a club the size of Manchester United has been craving for the last few years but has been unable to sign or keep them. The former Swedish International has the attitude and class that’s been missing at United for a while. United’s team captain, Wayne Rooney, is a humble and quiet leader who is looked up to by his teammates, but there are times when the team needs a big personality to lift them to the next heights. According to Giggs, that is just what United is getting in Ibrahimovic.

“As a teammate it lifts you. These are the signings that will lift the Manchester United team and that’s what you want.”

The main line that seemed to be passed around, when it came to Mourinho and Manchester United, was the concern for the Portuguese’s reported non-use of youth in his squads. Since United has a fantastic history of allowing the youth of their club the opportunity to make the first team, there was a big concern when Mourinho was hired. Since Zlatan has joined on a one year deal it seems this fear could be put to bed.

With the emergence of 18-year-old, Marcus Rashford, last season, Manchester United have no desire to see his growth setback, and neither does Mourinho. Giggs understands perfectly what signing Ibrahimovic means to the development of young Rashford.

“You want to learn and you want to watch first-hand, not only in matches but how he conducts himself. By all accounts he’s a very good pro, he’s a winner like I’ve said and Marcus can only learn from someone like that. He’s world class.”

This signing is music to the ears of United fans who have spent the last three years wondering when they were going to be getting “their trophy back.” Hiring Jose Mourinho and signing Ibrahimovic is the perfect way to signal to the Premier League that Manchester United will be looking to lift their 21st league title come May.

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