Ryan Giggs would be worth £2 billion in today’s transfer market according to Roy Keane

When we all see the fees football clubs are paying or willing to pay for a football player we keep wondering how much the players of past periods would be worth it. Having been discussed by football fans all around the world it was time for Roy Keane to get involved and the way he knows best. First, he hit on the players who are being overpriced despite being average making a really good time to be a professional football player.

“It’s mind-boggling, the figures that are out there – especially for the average players. If ever there was a time to be a professional player it’s now. Average players are going for £35million. My goodness.”

The Ireland assistant manager is known for his outrages comments towards modern football and continued on the fees that football clubs would have to pay if players he played with would be in today’s transfer market. Well, he had a few names in mind and we would definitely agree with all of them. In a certain point he doesn’t even care since he is convinced that there aren’t much great players left and those who are, are aiming to move for big money:

‘I don’t really analyse it too much, but that’s the market place at the moment. There aren’t many top players out there. The really big players are going for big money and it’s filtering down now.”

”Ruud [van Nistelrooy] would certainly be worth in the market now probably a billion.’ ‘David Beckham?’. ‘A billion.’ ‘Ryan Giggs?’ ‘Two billion.'”

However he had saved the best last and what a response was that, typical one, yet so incredible. When being asked about the value he would have in the transfer market, here is what he said:

“£3.75million, I think.”

Cheeky, but honest. Of course aiming a dig at today’s players who are pulling for better deals and destroying the beauty of football. Easy, this is the fee that Manchester United paid back in 1993 to sign him from Nottingham Forest. Things have changed a lot in the past few years as the fees being paid are out of this world and for players who haven’t actually won anything so far. We get it that a few may end up being the stars of the future but paying that much for teenagers is indeed horrible. At some point, I thought Keano would go even further with the players’ attitudes. Neymar’s replacement at Barcelona didn’t play fair and square with Borussia Dortmund while other players have taken the easy way, saying that they are injured and need more rest while they are perfectly fine and ready to play. In my opinion, it would be better if simply made it clear to the club that you want to leave rather than making your club look ridiculous.

The blame isn’t just with the players, though. Those crazy prices are set from clubs who benefit from other clubs, I get it, who has the money gets it all in football, but it is not decent and fair. Around six or seven years ago when you would hear speaking of a £30 million or £40 million deal fans assumed that the player joining the club was actually a great one and not average. Keane is right, the market has gone crazy and there isn’t much we can do about it. Well, Jose had seen this coming as he said that in just a few players clubs would pay much more than United paid for Paul Pogba. He was absolutely right.


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