Scott McTominay, hard work always pays off

Scott McTominay has experienced the season of his life, so far. He was being said by the manager to adapt to a new position, something he was used to in his U18’s days, yet that’s not the real big thing I am talking about. Probably not in the best conditions or even the right moment Scott McTominay had his chance to make his Manchester United debut in the Premier League giving him hope that the work and ‘sacrifices’ he had done thus far clearly paid off.

In an urgent need of players, United manager Jose Mourinho had to make a pick from the Reserves squad to take with him in the first team. It was pretty much unbelievable for a young player to make his debut under Mourinho, however, that’s not we are discussing today. The situation was indeed asking and Mourinho made the right call. Not flourishing as much as he and the coaching staff would have wanted in the number nine position, Scott McTominay;s future took a strange but probably the correct turn in the beautiful day of 30th of April as he was named a substitute in the United team that would face Swansea City home. His involvement with the first team indeed caused a major shock, as rather than interested to see how Scott plays, they were indeed surprised by his height and were curious about him.

It did just stay right there, as Scott wasn’t involved in the game remaining as an unused substitute that day. Even though it stayed at the level he definitely seemed happy as he was expecting for his moment. At the time, he also got involved in the Reserves’ remaining games, helping the team from getting relegated, however thinking about the very next game, the first team would play.

Just one week later he was given his chance, against a top side. Well, it wasn’t a dream debut in all honesty as he came in for Juan Mata as Manchester United was defeated 2-0 from Arsenal at The Emirates. Since there were just a few minutes, McTominay didn’t have much to do as the team seemed that they already had their mind in Stockholm, however the kid might have gotten something away from the game as his 18 yard shot was saved by Petr Cech who was caught in surprise, reacting well. The power of social media is unbelievable as the fans did use this good moment of Scott to start off on Rooney again.

One day later the youngster played against Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford with the Reserves who saw another star shining brighter, Joshua Harrop. Despite not leaving any important mark in the game, something really important happened that day. Another transition was on schedule that day, Scott McTominay was getting back in his old place, in central midfield.

Against Palace, he did not just have a really good game, as he held the pressure well, beautifully connected with his teammates on several occasions to head over another strike. Something that may have gone unnoticed is however the fact that he was seen often upfront, something he has been get used to do all season long and his height was a big threat on paper that day. One of his main goals was achieved that day, making his full debut in front of the Old Trafford crowd, who could be his most dedicated supporters one day.

Will he get a chance soon or was it just a decision of the moment from Jose Mourinho? Maybe the circumstances called for such measures, but Jose affirmed a player who’s potentially a decent Michael Carrick replacement and as long as the Englishman is at the club he could definitely do a recruiting work to continue the legacy at United.

Getting back to McTominay, there are indeed some things he has to improve as the new season knocks on the door. His physics is something he must be admired as we have seen many players who had the potential but a strong and physical game like the English one, needs strong players and from that side, he has it all covered. What I am referring to is his play with the ball; keeping it more and have a control over his quick decision – making, trying to be slightly smarter and read the game like Michael Carrick does.

Maybe the fact that he spent the season as a striker changed his priorities, but Jose has already that no one will play out of place means that he should think it one more time as well, as at this point of his career, he must have set his priorities; whether it’s midfield or the number 9 place he wants, others just don’t matter.

Finally answering, I doubt he will be given a chance this easy. Not saying that he didn’t deserve the chance, but if he truly wants to make it in the first team, he must work even harder, convince the manager that a player with his attributes deserves and that last season’s selection wasn’t by coincidence.

He has what it takes, now it’s up to him to decide if he will decide and become another Januzaj or actually take the stage and be as determined as Andreas Pereira. Mourinho understands special and it’s Scott who decides what happens.

Written by Fabiola Cejku


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