Selling Danny Welbeck: “One of the most controversial transfers in Manchester United history” according to Neil Ashton!

The Daily Mail is often ridiculed for its ludicrous front pages and wild accusations of the next cause of cancer or ‘what them asylum seekers have done’, but deep within their team lie one or two very reputable journalists, Ian Ladyman being the most prominent of the lot. Neil Ashton is nowhere near that standard, his latest piece regarding Danny Welbeck is a reason why he will never be regarded in any league involving Ladyman.

Many sections of Manchester United fans were dismayed with the sale of Welbeck, and believe it is a decision the club could regret, but Ashton takes things to new heights. ‘One of the most controversial transfers in Manchester United history’, ‘it felt like one of the biggest mistakes they have ever made’ and ‘One goal, against Switzerland in this Euro 2016 qualifier, was embarrassing enough for Van Gaal. Two feels like humiliation’ are used within the first three paragraphs without the slightest hint of irony.

Sure, Welbeck could well go on to score a fair few goals this season, he may even have a reasonably successful career at the Gunners, but this isn’t Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney or Robin van Persie. To call the sale of a 23-year-old who has never been prolific and always been just around the side one of the most controversial in our history is beyond laughable.


‘He is Arsenal and England through and through now, that is for sure’. When was he not England through and through? And how does he know he’s now Arsenal through and through? Welbeck has now been at Arsenal a week, hasn’t trained with them yet, and has been a United fan his whole life. It takes more than a week to change allegiances. He will put his utmost into playing for his new side, it means nothing more than a personal desire to do well.

‘In a couple of days time van Gaal will attempt to explain why he elected to sell Welbeck to Arsenal on deadline day’.

‘Like Welbeck’s performance for England, it will make compulsive viewing’ No it won’t. I can’t imagine it will be touched upon much at all. And I can give a guess as to part of the reason. James Wilson. Another local lad who offers far more in the shape of goalscoring than Welbeck.

Now, I am a fan of Welbeck. I defended him time and again whilst he was at the club, he deserved his chance through the middle as he was impressive when be played there, but he was never better than Rooney or van Persie. He was never prolific, and never will be. Another segment that got me, two in fact, that aren’t United related but sum up the farce that is this ‘article’. ‘When Sterling spins off his marker, dropping deep to demand the ball off his centre-halves you know that he is comfortable playing at this level’.

These deep-lying missions are reminiscent of Zidane or Maradona, the little nuances that separated these two superstars of world football from the mere mortals they counted for team-mates’ and ‘This week he will be acquainted with his new team-mates as they prepare for Saturday’s Barclays Premier League clash with Manchester City at the Emirates. He has to start’.

Number One: The comparison of Raheem Sterling to two of the greatest players in the game is disgracefully premature and grossly exaggerated.

Number Two: Yes he does have to start. Olivier Giroud is injured long-term and Yaya Sanogo isn’t good enough, it’s why Arsenal signed him. It would take a complete idiot to suggest otherwise, and possibly an even bigger one to point it out as if it were a hidden secret.

Welbeck leaving could be, an error, but a massive mistake I think not. Selling Cristiano Ronaldo was a mistake, Arsenal selling van Persie was a mistake, Welbeck will not be considered as so. I think van Gaal will say why he sold Welbeck if he’s asked, and James Wilson will be part of the reason, the other part may be RADAMEL FALCAO. It’s a poor effort from Neil Ashton. If he wants to criticise United and van Gaal he should make it worth while, and have a solid argument to fall back on. In absence of either of these I’d pack it in, oh….


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