Luke Shaw’s comeback is closer, time for support and trust, he needs it!

Manchester United’s weak link is in that left back position and Luke Shaw is yet to benefit and actually step into the squad for good. While the team is suffering in that matter, Luke Shaw has been playing with the U23’s lately and most of the fans are not pleased with his performances. At this point we all agree that things are not going really well for the 22-year-old full back, who was a promising youngster in early days, but right now the glimpses of hope have faded away with the Englishman, yet to make a great appearance for the U23’s while others have moved on, stepped in the first team, unfortunately not doing so well.

With ‘no one’ left to pull a great performance, Jose Mourinho turned his eyes to Matteo Darmian. The Italian had a difficult game on Saturday as he would panic, not able to control the ball, move forward, literally not doing anything right. This was not left unnoticed from the fans who had a word about him via social media as well. Back to Shaw, people seem to have given up on him already as his performances haven’t been pleasant at all.

The issue remains the same from day one, match fitness. His weight is a problem, but rather than that he acts in a lazy way. If you have been watching the U23’s you would understand that the side isn’t as bad as the results claim them to be. I would say that overall, the players are letting many things go and Shaw has been clearly affected from this or more likely just joined in. Both Young and Shaw featured for the Reserves’ team a while ago trying to gain match fitness.

In the game, Ashley Young, whom United fans praised in a recent game, didn’t do any better than him, which is a fact. Shaw did well there, never tried to raise the bar since. As far as I am concerned, people are trying to exaggerate things as yesterday’s problems were issues they had as a group, but of course with Luke being a senior, things will be taken differently for him.

Considering his last performances for the Reserves’, you would say that he doesn’t lack confidence. The fear is away, but the reluctance of following the ball until the end has been dominating, the thing that was obvious in West Ham’s fourth and final goal of the game. His main target only seems to be gaining match fitness and not actually performing which has been harming him in the eyes of the fans and media.

Shaw has been down with injuries lately which have made the situation a lot worse. 2015 is stuck in his head and there’s no way of letting go. His attitude has certainly been the same, something United fans don’t find very comfortable, believing that at this stage of his career he should have already exploded just like it was expected in the first place. This article may be filled with negativity but so far, he hasn’t proven to us the contrary. Nothing personal with the player as I have liked him since day one and his pace has been a joy to watch.

Moving on, I would say that this is the turning point for him. Things have not been easy and I am not sure how Twitter’s football geniuses are claiming that his Manchester United career is over. First things first, just a couple of games, still don’t prove anything of what he is capable. We all know what he can do, despite not being too obvious lately. There are no guarantees, but he is just 22 and we might be in for a surprise.

The U23’s games for seniors have only been seen as a way to get along with the game. Maybe he has failed to make an impression, but getting minutes in his feet are more important right now, the thing that he has done. Accomplishing this is indeed positive and based on certain facts that he is injury prone, things are in the right way. Despite being criticised, Shaw is there, trying to get something. Apparently, wanting him to be the same, but recovery time affects many aspects of his game which has been showing up.

To all of those who have been crucifying him via social media, Luke Shaw is now back in the travelling squad for the Benfica game which is a great news, shows that we might actually are in for the big turn. Featuring or not, this changes a lot. If the manager is showing trust, so should we. The injury crisis has hit United after the international break and with the issues coming from the left flank, having him back is huge. All this meltdown may have just been for nothing.

Written by Fabiola Cejku


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