Stop criticising Marcus Rashford, he needs support!

Probably it was one of those games where the fans felt like the team let them down. Well, at some point we all were frustrated as we had the best chance in two days to win and make a final statement about the top four, but again a home draw, nine to be precise.

However, a general criticism was made to the squad as they failed to do more and even that Ibrahimovic goal stood, we clearly weren’t in the level to win the game. Several should have done better and we all agree on this, but the one who has been criticised a lot lately, is Marcus Rashford.

Out of all of this, the fans forget one thing, the obvious fact that he is just 19 years old. We were all disappointed by him as he failed to finish chances, but what baffles me is the way fans are treating him lately.

When a part of the fans were against Ibrahimovic, saying that he is holding us back, Rashford was their favourite to replace the Swede. Well, if we see results they might not be satisfied as Rashford hasn’t scored and at some point, that’s the way they measure a player’s performance. How about no? Despite not being a big fan of changing systems often or even doing any experiments, Jose has used various systems and his main man has been Rashford.

In a 3-5-2, Rashford was upfront joined by Mkhitaryan. Despite not finishing, Rashford’s pace was a key point and this being said, the manager was satisfied with his job. The way he is being treated is however, an issue itself as the fans want him to score, seeking or better asking for last year’s Rashford, the one who retired Martín Demichelis or the one who destroyed Arsenal’s title hopes.

Having the sense that something wasn’t right with all of this, the manager had his say:

“We have people that are not getting [taking] the opportunities and that’s bad for the team,” the manager said. “But I speak with them because when you give absolutely everything and you leave the pitch absolutely dead of work, that’s fine for me.”

Stating the fact that the player hasn’t scored for a while in the Premier League, Jose at some point slated all of those who are criticizing him:

“Marcus Rashford doesn’t score goals since September [in the Premier League] – the only thing he deserves is support. Nothing else. Support, no critics, support. He works, he works, he works. He tries, he plays through the middle, he goes to the left, he goes to the right, he tries, he tries, he tries.”

However, Rashford is suffering from this and Jose is looking for other examples to state that this happens to everyone and it’s normal to someone of his age:

“The kid is desperate. It’s not a surprise for me – the second year not being as good as the first one. Maybe one day I will try to find out if it happened with Ryan Giggs or someone. They appear as a kid and then the next year it’s not the same. But the kid is phenomenal – an amazing professional. So no problem. I told him – keep going.”

There are a few questions I’d like to ask to those fans who are turning against him: What happened to the fact that he is talented and needs to play more? Where is all the love for him? Why would fans not back a youngsters who in many times saved last year’s season several times?

Maybe these questions may never get an answer as all some care is going back to our winning ways and the ‘way’ we do it, really doesn’t matter. Jose is accused of not playing him, even being fingered as the one who doesn’t like youth and now that he has made Rashford a first team player, actually a starter.

The boy is talented and no one can argue with this, but he needs time. His time will eventually come, maybe it’s not working for him at the moment but he is out there playing. Good or bad, he is the one leading us and he has the desire to. Those meltdowns United fans cause after every draw are definitely an issue, but is it worth it? You don’t change the result whatever you do, so stop the negativity and go behind him.

That’s the way it should be done, so stop creating issues that don’t exist; his time hasn’t come yet and we are all sure that he will prove many wrong, just like he has done so far. Remember,  you were all chanting his name last year.

Written by Fabiola Cejku


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