Manchester United fans need to relax about Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Aggressive Manchester United fans have shown their lack of support surrounding the exclusion of Henrikh Mkhitaryan in the first team, and it crossed the line when United failed to field the Armenian in a 1-0 win over Manchester City in the EFL Cup. Mkhitaryan has only started one game for United since joining in the summer, despite earning 23 goals and 20 assists in last season’s Bundesliga. Mkhitaryan is one of the brightest prospects in world football but cannot get a game for United, regardless of his abilities, and presumably because of his fitness.

However, now United fans are beginning to believe unconfirmed media reports that Mkhitaryan has fallen out with the club, and it is getting a little bit ridiculous. In the last two days, I have seen at least five theories as to why Mkhitaryan isn’t playing, with the lack of trust in Jose Mourinho’s explanation of the Armenian not being fully fit. Many fans even compared his situation to that of Bastian Schweinsteiger, which is ridiculous, because he was in the squad for the Manchester City game.

Firstly, these transfer rumours are ridiculous- even if one of the media stories are correct, there is no connection between any of them, which shows they are purely guessing and trying to raise hit counts. Secondly, everyone knows Mkhitaryan infamously struggles to adapt to new cultures and football surroundings, which he became popular for at Borussia Dortmund. It could take a while, and Mourinho might be trying not to make the same mistake he made rushing him into the Manchester Derby. Lastly, the fans who decided to tweet violently about this concern today, I’d like to raise a toast to all of you- you’ve given The Sun ammunition to use to create a negative article, minutes after the side won a Manchester Derby.

By being aggressive on social media and raising major topics in the media, fans aren’t going to get Mkhitaryan to play- in fact, they are merely raising the pressure on a player who needs to be as calm as possible right now. Yes, his situation is a little bit alarming, but until there is evidence to support the notion that fans should be worried, here’s some rocket science- fans should not be worried.

Nobody has evidence that Mourinho has fallen out with Mkhitaryan, and no one needs to search for it. Instead, we should do the normal thing and support the team- why is this so difficult to understand? Most importantly, for the sake of world mental health, please do not believe everything you read in The Sun. As soon as the fans relax and begin to support Mkhitaryan, who has probably seen some of the backlash, everyone will find that the story loses momentum and, not only will the world calm down, we will actually begin to understand what is happening. To quote the most expensive man in football history, “When too many people talk, nobody understands”. As far as football goes, that statement is the most applicable gold I have ever seen.


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