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These Everton fans were good enough to speak to us after Everton 1-1 Manchester United they reckon they robbed us! I agree! Have your say, comment below!

Manchester United rued poor substitutions again after Jose Mourinho’s men suffered a 1-1 draw against Everton from a late Leighton Baines penalty. The penalty was conceded by Marouane Fellaini, brought on as a defensive substitute to close out the match for Jose Mourinho, and that says enough about the two of them and the problems that still arise at Manchester United.

First of all, Marouane Fellaini is complete trash, and that cannot be denied. He does not offer anything defensively or moving forward, lacks the fluidity to be successful at key moments in the match, and cannot be a player for Manchester United. Fellaini’s lack of technical ability and pure brawn makes him the physical embodiment of everything Manchester United shouldn’t be but still is.

Secondly, Jose Mourinho reverted to his old self there. Many people didn’t think he could be the manager of Manchester United because of his defensive tactics, and it truly showed there. Mourinho finally played the right team to succeed, but bottled United’s talent at the end of the match and paid the price. This is an incredibly large concern for United, a side that is moving forward but not nearly as quickly as the other sides in the league.

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