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Muzzy spoke to us after Chelsea 4-0 Manchester United and says we are far too predictable and need someone who can hit a pass forward. Isn’t Pogba meant to do that? Comment below!

Manchester United slumped to a 4-0 defeat against Chelsea that ended an unbeaten run that looked like it could last for a while yet. United was poor on the day, giving away the ball, and everything from the team selections to the player mentality was completely off. The last I can remember United losing by four goals was against Manchester City when United spurned the title, which is the best example of just how poor the side was on the day.

The defeat proves that there are players who need to be replaced at this football club, and I’ve gone so far as to make a list. At the moment, Antonio Valencia, Phil Jones, Marcos Rojo, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Marouane Fellaini and Wayne Rooney are doing nothing to be a part of this football club, and Jesse Lingard and Chris Smalling are on the brink of going down to that level too. It is time to reinvest this club into youth and energy, and there are so many fringe youth players dying to get a chance that the above players don’t look like they are too fussed about.

I am tired of watching a United side that doesn’t look like it wants to succeed. Mourinho is continually persisting with brawn over brain, defending over attacking in key moments when the side looks far better with fluid football. Fenerbahce, Leicester City, and Stoke were dispatched comfortably on the pitch but Mourinho decided to instead bottle up all the talent in this side against Liverpool and Chelsea.

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