Wayne Rooney loves standards, so do we

There is one thing I like the most when it comes to a team’s legends, they’d criticise the way their former club is playing, how certain things should get done better and other things you would expect them to say. The club would just have a go and actually listen to the advice, as of course, they’re coming from someone who knows the club really well.

Maybe the way I am starting this might seem a bit strange somehow, but it makes sense in case you have read a recent article based on what Wayne Rooney has said when asked to give advice for Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku who recently joined the club from Everton.

“There are standards that you have to keep when you are at Manchester United. That came from the ­manager Sir Alex Ferguson when I went to United and it was then passed down through the dressing room by the likes of Giggsy, Gary Neville and Scholesy.”

It is indeed true that since Sir Alex Ferguson retired there have been issues regarding the managers’ transfer requests and things we as fans also pointed out as well. We do thank him for what he has been trying to do:

“Over the last few years, it was down to me and Michael Carrick to keep the new players maintaining those ­standards.”

However it doesn’t end here and the rage begins when he mentions the fact that this didn’t just become more difficult, but apparently, that wasn’t his problem any longer:

“That became more difficult over the last few years, with some of the ­players who joined the club. There are ­traditions at United that have to be maintained. It’s become harder, but that’s not my problem any more. I’m just ecstatic to be back at Everton.”

Manchester United as a club stands for its high standards that are set a long time ago and of course, must be maintained from whoever comes to manage the club or joins it as a football player. Probably the decline of the recent years may have left space for speculation, but things are as it stands, despite some issues.

Now what is indeed interesting is the way Rooney said all these things. We all know that there have been problems in the recent years and Rooney was captain of this side who has had the issues. Apparently this no longer his problem, like the problems were the new players and not him. It had been a while since the player had a good game with Manchester United and his decline silently ruined the whole standard system.

Rooney was the first one who stayed at the club for the sake of his wages and not because he loved the club. We were against Sir Alex on his decision to sell Rooney, but apparently, he was right again. Rooney, this footballing legend forgot that he had a standard to keep himself and just a few weeks from leaving United, he opened his mouth and started gossiping about what happened on the inside.

However, we are not stupid, we understand his anger. He is no longer here because he can’t fit this team, he is long past. One special thing, however, is the way, Jose Mourinho treated him. I must say that it was actually a good one.

If you have a look at the past teams Mourinho managed, no legend was treated a fairly as Rooney from Mourinho. Let me see, as an example, we have two football legends, Iker Casillas and Raul Gonzales. These two left in a controversial way of what we all expected and even though they are far away from Madrid, I have never heard a bad word from them, regarding the situation they had to go through.

Even though there were a lot to be said, they remained silent, because they respected the club they had played for so many years. Maybe that’s the treatment Rooney deserved after all. Rooney was starting for United and I thought that slowly he would understand that he didn’t have a place in the Starting XI. He was feeling happy at Everton and it did seem that he was so happy.

Apparently, we were naive to believe so. He bit back in the first chance he was given to, but he fell in the trap he built himself. Certain fans were demanding for a statue outside Old Trafford. Maybe yes, he should get one, but nowhere near the stadium, he doesn’t just belong there.

You have other team legends and if we set a standard for this process, he would be the last of the names you’d think as a legend. He started this himself, so we are the ones who are following. See you at Old Trafford, Wazza!

Written by Fabiola Cejku


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