Wayne Rooney: Overweight and slow, or still has a part to play?

How many times have we spoken about Wayne Rooney? His name seems to be a permanent figure in conversations on and off the terraces, each season the topic becoming more and more unsavoury – he has to go. He’s past it. His Manchester United career has been the ultimate in roller coaster rides, from golden boy to villain number one on more than the odd occasion, Rooney seems to be the first to be blamed (after whichever manager is in the firing line) whenever things aren’t quite going United’s way. The talk has extended itself beyond the fans (as it so often does) and the latest public figure to have his say is former Reds defender Paul Parker, speaking exclusively to 888Sport, stated;

“This is a defining season for Wayne Rooney. It’s no longer about him breaking records but finishing his career at Manchester United. He needs to show his worth and that he deserves to be in the team and not just because of marketing. As much as people appreciate what he’s done over the years and how many goals he’s scored football is about now and being judged on now.

“If someone had only heard of Wayne Rooney but seen him now they’d think ‘Who is this fella? He’s over-weight and slow. That shot was terrible and it looks like he can’t move or shift his body quick enough. That’s the problem with football today – you’re getting judged by people who have only heard about you and not seen you in previous seasons.”

Every season seems to be a defining season for the Captain. Each new season bringing nothing new to the table (not to say I do not agree with what is being said mind), it’s the same argument over and over and over. Paul Parker has thrown new ingredients into the mix with his ‘overweight’ jibe, but aside from that, it’s everything every United fan has been saying for perhaps four years. The essence is that the time on Rooney’s United career is fast running out, gone are the days he is the impact player, he can no longer hare up and down the pitch, like he used to, and quite honestly there are much better options to hand in Jose Mourinho’s squad.

This is not to say Rooney should be discarded like yesterday’s newspaper, like it or not the chances of him leaving as the all-time top goalscorer are almost certain and if we are all honest with ourselves he has never given less than 100% on the pitch even throughout the adversities he has faced. He still has his uses too. A goal here and there could be very handy on the way to achieving Mourinho’s aims, and let’s not forget his stellar performance in last season’s FA Cup final. And we won’t forget, nor will we all of his good points, but it seems now memories is all Rooney has.

Read the full 888sport interview with Paul Parker, including his thoughts on why this is a defining season for ‘overweight’ Rooney and whether Pogba will live up to his price-tag


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