Wayne Rooney’s agent in talks with Chinese Super League clubs?

Wayne Rooney’s agent, Paul Stretford, has flown to China to speak to clubs who want to sign the Manchester United and England captain. The Chinese transfer window closes on Tuesday, so any deals for the former Everton man would have to be negotiated and finalised before then. One of the interested clubs is Tianjin Quanjian and their manager Fabio Cannavaro has said they have made an approach to sign Rooney but no official bid has been made. Sky Sports report that according to their sources, it is unlikely that Rooney will leave Old Trafford before the Tuesday deadline.

Rooney has not featured too heavily this season as Jose Mourinho has slowly phased out the striker. Mourinho himself has said that he doesn’t want to see Rooney go but can’t guarantee that he will be at the club at the end of the season. Would a move to China be a good move for Rooney at this point?

I think partly it would, because whilst there’s no doubt that Rooney has earnt lots of money during his career, the figures that the Chinese clubs are throwing around at the minute, surely that’s too good to turn down? Even if it’s only for a year. Players are being paid extortionate amounts of money and Rooney deserves one more payday after achieving so much for Manchester United. Realistically, what else is there left for him to win with United? The Europa League if United made it that far but apart from that he’s won everything else, so what would motivate him?

On the other hand, I personally think Rooney wants a return to his boyhood club Everton and would rather hold out until the summer when a move to go back to Goodison Park could potentially be possible. Would the Everton faithful welcome him back after the ‘Once a blue, always a blue’ controversy? Who knows.

I do think that move would make more sense, though, from a family standpoint. His family wouldn’t have to move far and they would be going back to where Rooney grew up rather than relocating to a completely new country and culture in China and having to learn a new language amongst adapting to the cultural and social differences.

I do think Rooney’s status, maybe not ability as a footballer would speak volumes for China’s intent for football. Rooney clearly isn’t the player he once was but he is still a huge name worldwide and is currently the captain for one of the biggest clubs in the world. I think a lot of players would still want to play with Wayne Rooney, and if ‘Wazza’ went to China then that could encourage a few others to follow.

Financially, I don’t think Rooney needs to go to China but if he had the option of going to China for a year and then taking a pay cut to go back to Everton, I think he would. He’s still an Everton fan and although many United fans will consider him a Manchester United legend for what he’s achieved at the club, he’s got to go wherever suits him best. Mourinho understands that as well, he did a similar thing for Petr Cech back when he was at Chelsea; he allowed Cech to pick his move away from the club to Arsenal so Cech’s family didn’t have to relocate.

Ability-wise, Rooney has nothing left to prove, in my opinion, he’s won the lot. At only 31, he needs to go somewhere where he will enjoy the final few years of his career. I personally don’t think United would miss him too much on the pitch, because this season he’s hardly played. His leadership and experience would definitely have to be replaced, however.

Whatever happens, I’m sure United will give Wayne a proper send off, and allow him to ride of into the sunset, however he may choose to. He’s been an unbelievable servant to the club and now has his name etched in the history books.


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