What We Learned: I would rather win a trophy anyway!

Remember when Manchester United versus Arsenal used to decide titles? Well, the sixth place could yet be Jose Mourinho’s again after that, and I don’t care one iota because now attention is completely on winning a trophy. It wasn’t nice to watch this afternoon, and I think I would certainly have rather spent my day in the sun than enduring that, but here is what we learned this afternoon against Arsenal.

Set up not to win and you won’t

Where luck was on-side against Manchester City in the derby, Jose Mourinho setting up to have a good first 20 minutes and defend mercilessly for the second 70 fell flat on its face. The first 20 minutes were good from United, and there was certainly more threat than at the Emptihad, but wastefulness really foiled the intentions of the United manager. Then when Mkhitaryan and Mata were forced back by Arsenal, there was no ability to push out and counter again. It doesn’t work with those two there, but with the current circumstances, Mourinho was left with very few alternatives.

Woeful experienced shown up by youth

Eyes should be directed to those who really didn’t perform today. There were a few of them out there, but there were certainly specific underachievers. We’ll start with the captain, and follow from the shoddy defending for the free-kick last weekend Rooney turned his attention to being utterly useless in an attacking sense this afternoon. He wasted the best chance United had all afternoon and had six of the shots his side managed, all without really troubling Petr Cech. Of course, it isn’t solely his fault, but Father Time has no sentiment and perhaps he’s claimed another victim.

Then there was Michael Carrick. He seemed to be intent upon allowing Aaron Ramsey to flourish and really affect the game for Arsenal. Once a phenomenal footballer now being exposed as one without legs on a fairly regular basis. That and his inability to quickly release the ball made it an infuriating showing from him. Matteo Darmian cannot be the answer to Luke Shaw. Why the England man isn’t given more of a chance over him is completely beyond me, and where Marcos Rojo doesn’t inspire the most confidence at least he has shown real signs of improvement. Woeful from the Italian today. And finally, Henrikh Mkhitaryan continued to show his struggles with the English game today. Hopefully, next season will prove more consistent on his part.


Axel Tuanzebe should be given more opportunities and could save a bit of cash in the summer. As far as starts go, pocketing Alexis Sanchez is as impressive as Marcus Rashford scoring two on his debut, it’s just a crying shame he was let down by most every one of his colleagues. Herrera was poor for the first goal, turning his back, but it was heading for a fairly horrid 0-0 before that, so the silver lining is at least it’s given me something to write about.

We all knew how it was going to go today, unfortunately, though it was the dour 0-0 we expected/hoped for. Top four ambitions can now be well and truly set aside, and


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