What We Learned: Swansea City 2-1 Manchester United – Barclays Premier League 2015/16

It’s been coming for a while, as the poor performances mounted up, someone was going to punish it. Here’s what we learned.

Additions are NEEDED and now

Quite simply, not good enough in two key areas. It was appalling by Wayne Rooney today. I have defended him time and again, until I was blue in the face, but today he was a disgrace, simple as that. Any striker that could finish would have scored twice today and Rooney is suddenly a striker that can’t finish. He found himself three yards out with his side losing, and played for a penalty. He dallied and waited for Williams to get back and challenge him rather than doing what he should have done and smashed it in the back of the net. I don’t care what Louis van Gaal thinks, he needs to sign a striker. Captains privileges need to be stopped sooner rather than later. The other area United were poor in today was in goal. A certain Spanish lad needs to be sorted out as staying, or everything can fall apart very quickly. Romero was found out today.

From the negatives, positives may emerge

When I say may, I’m being more hopeful than anything else. It has to have served as an eye opener today, things aren’t good enough. I don’t quite know how to remedy it, personnel changes will, but whether a system change would do some good, I’m unsure. Positives that did emerge from today’s performance was Luke Shaw, who goes from strength to strength every week. Also the goal from Mata, a tidy finish certainly. Van Gaal has some thinking to do this bank holiday, or things don’t look too good.

 7,000 passes and no shots don’t make for wins

Obvious statement, I know, but the sooner the players get this into their head, the better. There was a patch of play towards the end where all someone needed to do was pull the trigger, but it never came, another pass did. It is the most frustrating element of United’s style of play this season the obsession with one more pass has cost more points than its won, and will continue to. All it needed was someone ruthless enough to pull the trigger. A stat that came out at some point in the week highlighted that the midfielders had only had two shots from open play so far, this needs changing and fast.


It is a time for meltdown, the aftermath of any defeat always is. But what should be kept in mind is that it is the first defeat of the season, United have still only conceded two goals in the league so far, and ultimately it isn’t that bad, Swansea are the modern-day Derby County (a bogey team to end all). If things aren’t changed on Tuesday, then I may buy into the doom and gloom mindset many have. Today wasn’t good to watch, but it hasn’t been all season, and someone punishing that may wake everyone up and remind them that this isn’t good enough. It isn’t irreparable, but it’s in need of attention. It’s taking shape to be a long, long season.


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