Can Romelu Lukaku save his future with Manchester United?


Even though the hype surrounding Romelu Lukaku was intense in July of 2017 when Manchester United announced his arrival at the club, it seems as though United’s fans have begun to debate whether or not Lukaku should remain at the club. His performance last season wasn’t the worst anyone has ever seen, but an overall weaker than average United squad resulted in him scoring only 16 goals in the Premier League season.

The first half of this season was even worse for the Belgian striker, only netting about six goals in the Premier League, and not scoring any in the UEFA Champions League. Lukaku’s career at United seemed to be circling the drain as fans were quickly becoming frustrated at his inability to complete key passes and also miss timing shots. 

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Lukaku’s shot accuracy has been especially criticised for missing anything that isn’t pretty much handed to him on a plate sometimes. People began to question whether or not he would fit into United’s system for the long term. Up until Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s arrival, however, it didn’t seem like he would go anywhere, as it seemed as though Jose Mourinho still had quite a bit of confidence in him.

Fans began to hope that Solskjaer would begin to exclude him from the first team and hopefully, add him to the transfer list for the summer. It seems, however, that Lukaku either doesn’t want to go down without a fight or is like that one kid in school that doesn’t get all their assignments in until the last weeks of the semester.

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In three matches alone, Lukaku scored a total of six goals, two against Crystal Palace, two against Southampton, and finally two against Paris Saint-Germain in that miraculous night in Paris. Many believe that he has found his form at the club, and that he is finally beginning to fit in. But some of his goals have simply chalked this up as luck, seeing as though a few of them were simply right in front of the net for him.

Either way, it’s begun a bit of a debate now for the fans whether or not to give him the chance or to send him packing in the summer. Lukaku has about two and a half months of football left to prove his worth if he wants to stay. Only time will tell if he’s up to the challenge to win the fans back over. Lukaku and his teammates clearly need to up their game.

Written by Joel Dulka

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