Cristiano Ronaldo the boy who cried wolf too many times…

Cristiano Ronaldo is causing a media storm with the reports that he wants to leave Real Madrid this summer. Ronaldo signed a new contract with the La Liga and UEFA Champions League holders later last year in which he has a €1 billion (£875 million) release clause within it, a massive fee which many clubs, if any, will be able to afford. This gives Real Madrid the power to ask an obscene amount for the Portuguese forward, with some reporting it to be at £174.5 million. Ronaldo left United in the summer of 2009, a year after lifting the UEFA Champions League and winning the Ballon d’Or, making a then world record transfer to Real Madrid for £80 million. Ronaldo has previously been unhappy in the Spanish capital with a move to United being on the cards a few times, which seems to end up with Ronaldo signing a new bumper contract and declaring his undying love to los blancos.

What is being reported and by who?

The reports are all over the place at this moment in time. The Mirror reported that Ronaldo told former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson six weeks ago that he wanted to leave Real Madrid this summer. There is obviously no confirmation of this being said and neither Ferguson or Ronaldo have given any quotes to suggest this is the case, so this makes me think that the newspaper has stated what United supporters would like to hear. I am sure if this was the case and the player did want a return to Manchester United this summer, we would have seen something by now unless Real Madrid are playing hardball with the player, which is a possibility. The Manchester Evening News state that Executive Vice Charmian Ed Woodward would be first in the queue to sign Ronaldo, being that he has wanted to sign a player like him since the departure of David Gill in the summer of 2013, failing to get what he wanted. The Mirror also reported that Ronaldo has a €1 billion release clause, around £875 million, which would rule out a move from nearly every club out there. They do suggest that Real Madrid may accept a fee in the region of £174.5 million, which is still a lot of money, an amount that few clubs could afford. If you Google Ronaldo right now, you will see loads of reports, all stating something different, claiming something different, which makes you wonder if this is actually fact, or what it does look like – speculation.

What type of player is Cristiano Ronaldo?

Ronaldo is a forward. He’s a match winner, a talented goalscorer and a player who would complete any club in the world. Ronaldo is much like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a player who has achieved everything in the game, well almost, a player who will demand the best from any club he plays for. I would have loved to see Ronaldo back at Manchester United, but it has not happened and I would be surprised if it ever does. Ronaldo has used the Old Trafford club before and he did well from it, so why would he not do it again? Ronaldo has scored 406 goals in 394 matches for Real Madrid over the past eight seasons, an average of nearly 51 goals a season, which is very impressive. Based on the players’ talent and his love for winning, there would be no reason why he could not prove himself in the Premier League once again, maybe even returning to the club he should hold much love for, but has used them time after time to get what he wants; attention, love, appreciation and of course, that new bumper deal, so he can declare his love for the city of Madrid and their football team once again, just like Sergio Ramos, did two summer’s ago.

Likelihood of the transfer?

I don’t see anything in this transfer, to be honest. We have been here before, and until the player retires from the game, there is a high chance we will be here again. Ronaldo has much love from the city of Manchester, enough for the supporters who love him even to fail to see what he has done by having himself linked with a return to Manchester before. Ronaldo left in the summer of 2009, and back then, I never believed that he would be back at the Theatre of Dreams, not playing in a United shirt anyway. Ronaldo is hurting from his tax allegations in Spain. He may have to pay a massive fine, even be faced with prison like his nemesis Lionel Messi. Ronaldo has played this game before, caused a stir which has then seen the media cause an even bigger stir with endless articles about the player possibly moving to Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain or even a move to China or the MLS, which would be too early for a player still able to play on at least for the nest two to three years at the top-level of the game. There will only be one winner in this game and it won’t be Manchester United. Ronaldo will get what it is he wants, whether that is a new contract or the fact that Real Madrid will pay his impending tax bill for him, who knows, but I am certain that the player who wanted to retire in Madrid less than eight months ago, will do exactly that. I would love to be wrong, but a number of times we have been here before, I just cannot see it.

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