Editorial: Media double standards making supporters minds up?

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho was sent off for a second time this season in the Premier League during the 1-1 draw with West Ham United at Old Trafford on Sunday, this time for kicking a water bottle after he saw Paul Pogba booked for a dive. The booking means that Pogba will not be able to face West Ham on Wednesday night at Old Trafford in the Premier League, a match he would have probably been rested for anyway, especially when you look at the fixtures coming up for United in December. Marouane Fellaini also received a yellow card, his fifth of the season, meaning United midfield will be depleted ahead of the visit of the Hammers once again.

The sending off for Mourinho has once again brought criticism of the Portuguese manager, some suggesting he is not respectful to match officials, suggested by Graham Poll, in which he calls for the manager to be banned for six matches. Jack de Menezes of the Independent suggests Mourinho has an anger problem, Mark Ogden of ESPN writes about Mourinho’s angry outbursts not helping Manchester United, whereas Samuel Luckhurst of The Mirror writes that Mourinho could receive an apology after Arsene Wenger was sent off in a similar incident at Old Trafford seven years ago. Mourinho was charged by the Football Association, though, with improper conduct. Mourinho has until 6pm on Thursday 1st December 2016 to answer the charge, which will mean he will be free to lead his team out against West Ham in the EFL Cup on Wednesday evening, meaning his suspension would start this weekend with United heading to Goodison Park to face Everton.

Mourinho was charged for being sent to the stands against Burnley last month, be was fined £8,000 and banned for one match. The thing that really grates on me is that other managers are given different treatment, both by match officials and supporters. Jurgen Klopp swore at a match official, it was said he was being passionate. Antonio Conte is a fiery manager on the touchline, again this is passion. When Mourinho does it, he is disrespectful and acts like a child. Why the double standards? Many suggest that Sir Alex Ferguson never reacted like this during his time as Manchester United manager. He never criticised the referees and officials, had spats with them and he was never sent off at all was he? He was in actual fact, you have been codded by the media and the fans who just do not have a clue about Manchester United.

Jose Mourinho may well be different to Sir Alex Ferguson, especially in the way he carries himself, but he is a winner, wants to win and that is all he wants to do. In the six months he has been managing Manchester United, it has been shown that he loves the club and he has even spoken about spending more than the three-year spell he has been given currently as the manager. is that not what people wanted a year ago? Stability? Let’s look at the last two seasons; Louis van Gaal and Ryan Giggs in the dugout, writing things down, talking and most of the time looking glum. The fans were moaning that Van Gaal did not get up into the technical area, moaning that it was the manager’s job to do that. Now United have a manager doing that and to some, he is still not doing it properly. Mourinho has shows loads of passion for the club already, debating decisions, going against decisions and being sent to the stands. When one manager does this and is praised, then another gets crucified by the ABU media and supporters, some of which suggest they are United fans, it is pathetic.

Now Mourinho is being hounded by the media, the bookies and even so-called United supporters about his suitability for the job. Liverpool fans, sad I know, set up a Twitter account, or at least changed the username of an already existing account which was aimed at flying a plane over Old Trafford with a banner calling for Mourinho to be sacked. This was unlikely to happen, but reactionary United supporters got involved nonetheless, shows how pathetic they were. The whole things make some United fans look like they only care about winning, which is probably the bottom line here. I did not see anyone moaning when United beat Feyenoord 4-0 at Old Trafford on Thursday, in fact, from most, Jose Mourinho was a genius and he guided the club to victory. Now it seems to be his fault that players are not taking their chances, even though the player’s themselves should hold the responsibility for bottling chances that were in effect handed to them on a plate.

Jose Mourinho is not the problem here, it is the players not performing as they should, and the fans demanding a certain level of success – they want to win every match and every trophy. Football is just not like that, even if you look back to the Ferguson days, not every match was won by the Scot, he did lose many matches and many trophies for various reasons. Trophies, although it is great to win them, are not the only thing football teams want, they want to be playing well, as a team. United are getting there. Many seem to think a new manager will come in, wave a magic wand and Manchester United will be back again. How much longer does that need to happen before all those morons get the picture? Surely it would have happened with Louis van Gaal when he replaced David Moyes, and it did not happen with Mourinho when he replaced the Dutchman. Why is it going to happen now? A year ago, many of the morons moaning on Twitter wanted Mourinho, now it has not worked like they thought, they want Diego Simeone, Thomas Tuchel and many others to come and manage Manchester United.

When do these fans realise that they are just fans, they don’t make the decisions, many of them have never been to Old Trafford, and never will. You see, that seems to be all they care about. I am a Manchester United fan and I call all the shots. That is never going to happen. Social media seems to have brought in a special kind of moron, ones who only know how to moan, not how to wait and see what is happening. When Manchester United win, they stay silent, but when they draw or lose, they are there, beating their gums on Twitter, infecting the world with their hate, all because they have not got what they desired. Childish or what? What does moaning about this on Twitter actually do? Does it solve all the world’s problems, or does it infect more and more people with bigotry and hatred for something they initially wanted? Pathetic.

The fact that Manchester United and Jose Mourinho are treated very differently than other clubs and managers, especially by the media, is something you all need to look at. The ABU media love talking about Manchester United. You see them linking players to the club, players that will not even be on the club’s radar. Then that player signs for another club and United have lost out on so and so. This happens a lot of the time and people sup it up thinking that these journalists know exactly what is going on at the club, when in actual fact, it could not be any further away from the truth. Then you get all the negative stories which are given to the media by their ‘sources’ something that makes it all the more believable. The media seem to be milking the name ‘Manchester United’, adding it into every story, even if it has nothing to do with the club. United are popular, everyone wants to read about them, whether it is success, failure or somewhere in between. Hated, adored and never ignored. Don’t let the media make your mind up for you, you should do that by yourself. Gone are the days the media informed, now they just opine and people seem to think they are in the know. If journalists were in the know where Manchester United are concerned, how come they get things so wrong?

Enough of the agenda, let’s get back to watching and supporting the team. That is what we are supported to be doing, right?

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