Editorial: Sacking the manager is not the right thing to be calling for


Another week has gone by and despite seeing Manchester United win once again in a cup competition, the club stuttered to a 1-1 draw in the Premier League away to Everton. That was United’s sixth draw of the season, the third in a row in the league. United have been playing a much better standard of football, creating many chances, which has turned the problems around from last season where we saw dominant displays with the ball, but a lack of chances. Many will say there has been literally no change other than the manager, those are the people that look at results and results only. The past three and a half years have been tough to take, but if anything, those that have only seen success under Sir Alex Ferguson should be adapting as no team has a right to win all the time. Football is a game with winners and losers, and for that time period, United have not been the winners all that often.

Jose Mourinho is a capable manager, the board think so and the players think so. If supporters feel he is now not the right man for the job, despite many crying out for him to be made the manager a year ago, at the end of the day, there is nothing they can do about it, other than moan on social media, which with all due respect is their limit of intelligence. Over the past month or so, we have seen a former Liverpool account renamed to a Mourinho Out account, constantly trying to lure people into the idea of flying another plane over Old Trafford, this time with Mourinho Out on the banner. It just goes to show the simple minds that gather together on Twitter, calling for this nonsense. It is funnier to see United fans react, many in sympathy with the account. Pure muppetry. Sacking managers is rife in football, but one day, by continually sacking managers, the standard of manager you attract is going to drop considerably.

I just do not see why people fail to apply their mind to such problems, instead of reacting like a spoilt child. You get some that just do not have a club about the English language, throwing what they feel are meaningful words into their tweets and making themselves look a whole new level of stupid. Modern day football seems to attract many with the mind level of an amoeba. These are the people that ABU’s love, the people that react to everything – which is why the media and other supporters have started to play them, just to get an impressive muppet reaction from them, which works most of the time. I just don’t get why there are so many childish reactions, even from people a lot older than myself. Yes, we can all be annoyed, but reacting in such a way is poor. If Manchester United do not win, there seems to be discontent from each of the four corners of the world. That is usually attributed to one phrase ‘sack the manager’.

It shows that many do not foresee the problems that arise in the sacking of a manager. Something that has been blatant over the last three years as two managers have been sacked. Many seem to be of the opinion that a new manager will bring greatness. It is proven that is not a fact. More of a dream. People use Chelsea and Antonio Conte as an example, but Chelsea were not a poor team last season based on an inability to play football of gel as a team. They were a poor team because they literally stopped playing for the manager – Jose Mourinho. It is funny that as soon as the Portuguese manager was sacked, results started to come through, a little too late with all respect to the club achieving a place in a European competition this season. Conte merely restructured the team, made a few signings – one important one – N’Golo Kante, who has been one of their best players this season.

United needed a little more than the odd player here and there. United need to get over the Sir Alex Ferguson retirement, get rid of those David Moyes and Louis van Gaal days, find a new playing style, one which represents the Manchester United of old, swashbuckling, attacking football. Something we have seen in the cup competitions recently, which shows that United are capable of playing that way, even with the players currently at the club, some of which will probably be onto pastures new either in January or in the summer. United have changed their style of play, playing a more attacking and entertaining game, but in the league, things have just not gone their way. The manager cannot really be blamed for that. He has no control over the players after they cross the line or no control over the game. If players do not perform or make mistakes, the manager ends up taking the blame, players seem to side step it.

When will people realise that although the manager is, in effect, the head of the club, as far as football goes, he is not the final point of the blame! Marouane Fellaini was subjected to a lot of finger-pointing after conceding the penalty against Everton which turned a win into a draw. Wayne Rooney and Zlatan Ibrahimovic have been blamed for not scoring goals. Paul Pogba has been blamed for not becoming the best player in the world over the past three or four months. Other players have made mistakes, and supporters seem to have said nothing. Bastian Schweinsteiger had no interest in getting fit for Manchester United at the end of last season, despite his teammates wanting him back. It seemed his interest was in tennis, rather than football. Suddenly, when the European Championships was on the horizon, Schweinsteiger was fit and ready to represent Germany.  He was then singled out by Mourinho as a player with no future at the club, people moaned that he was not being treated right, despite being told by the manager at the start of the season, suggesting

He was then singled out by Mourinho as a player with no future at the club, people moaned that he was not being treated right, despite being told by the manager at the start of the season, suggesting that he was still being mistreated with people outside of the club suggesting Mourinho should be jailed, others suggesting that Schweinsteiger should bleed the club dry. Many United supporters seem to view Schweinsteiger as a club legend – he’s only been at United for 18 months, he’s hardly a club legend. Legends bleed for the club – people like Sir Bobby Charlton, Harry Gregg, Bryan Robson, Roy Keane – those are legends. I just don’t get the mentality of people. They would rather adopt the opinion of some unknown person on Twitter than put their own mind into operation, finding out facts and coming up with an opinion of their own. I ask the question, are these people football fans?

Jose Mourinho and Manchester United need time. Ground has been made in recent months, a good start to the season, which ended up turning sour quickly, then turned itself around once again, before going slightly sour again. United are still very much a work in progress. Patience is something that should be afforded and you should always be careful of what you wish for. I see many people suggesting the manager still needs to be sacked. I then see others asking them who would be their ideal manager, despite the same people probably picking Mourinho out as the ideal manager a year ago. Diego Simeone and Thomas Tuchel are the names I see being mentioned. Another question would be, you sack Mourinho, then bring in Simeone or Tuchel, everything does not go to plan again, you call for them to be sacked, then who do you bring in? Bearing in mind, your club will have sacked four managers by that time; David Moyes, Louis van Gaal, Jose Mourinho and either Diego Simeone or Thomas Tuchel. Who would want to manage Manchester United then when it would be clear that fans cannot afford the new manager the time to turn things around?

How would you feel if you had a job where results were required, you were not getting those results and colleagues, customers and members of the public were calling for you to be sacked, bringing in someone they feel can do the job better? You would feel happy, wouldn’t you? Bottom line is, if time is not afforded, you cannot really expect to get anything good out it all. Let the manager do his job, see what happens and most importantly, stop judging everything on results. Watch a game of football, see the differences from the past three years and use those to form an opinion of your own. Maybe then you will see things how I and many others see things. Differently. Less reactionary and in a way, looking at the various options before coming up with a rash idea. A healthy mind leads to healthy solutions.

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