Manchester United has quality players but Jose Mourinho needs consistency going forward

Although Jose Mourinho played down the significance of Manchester United’s win over Manchester City, the delight on the faces of Manchester United players said out loud that they were very happy to have spoilt City’s title party!

They were careful to not go overboard with their celebrations, despite having delivered a come-from-behind 3-2 victory for their fans. Everyone was mindful of the tunnel problems faced by City after they had beaten United at Old Trafford in December.

Furthermore, while United won the battle, they were consciously aware that Pep Guardiola’s side had everything in them to win the war later. However, as everyone knows, Manchester City has been knocked out of the Champions League after losing to Liverpool recently, Manchester United players have nothing to fear now.

Regardless of the handshakes and hugs that happened after the game, the dramatic turnaround brought about by Manchester City during the second-half clearly showed on the disappointed faces of City’s players.

Everyone was backing City to get the better of United that night, especially in their home ground. A large majority of punters had their money on City as well. But the final scoreline proved everyone wrong! If you too had bet on City win and lost a good amount of money, take a look at these betting tips which can help you recover your losses! Sports betting is mostly about knowledge but sometimes luck can’t help but get in the way as it did that night where every indicator pointed towards City taking it home but we all know how that turned out. Not that this means that strategic betting isn’t always the way to go!

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Paul Pogba has been fairly consistent

Paul Pogba, who scored twice in the Derby match and inspired his team to make a successful comeback summed it up pretty nicely in his post-match interview to MUTV, Manchester United’s in-house TV channel. He expressed his delight by stating that it was an excellent second-half performance by United and if they had played like that throughout the season, they would have been in the top position by now.

In fact, the Derby perfectly encapsulated the entire season of Manchester United within 90 minutes. They had an amazing quiet control. The mistakes committed by them in the first half’s final 20 minutes showed that they were going to bring about their own downfall again. However, their second half gameplay was all about invention, aggression, and determination. Such was their spirit that even the best English team couldn’t stop them from winning. Here’s more on how the Manchester Derby was essentially a game of two halves!

Mourinho has been pretty clear about his ambition of winning the title back from Manchester City next season. And all through the summer, he’d be scouting for one player after the other who might help him in that mission.

However, everyone knows that Manchester United’s season was primarily killed by their inconsistency. For every good move that they showed in the second half of the Derby match, everyone was reminded of the final 20 minutes of the first one.

While Mourinho had claimed last season that his players had the capability to deliver top-notch performance against any good team, he hadn’t said that they were capable of delivering series of top-notch performances, every week of the season.

Where’s the problem?!

On the whole, Mourinho’s problem this season hasn’t been quality, the way his team played during the second-half at the Etihad is a testimony to that. The problem has been being consistently good. City have found that ability under Pep Guardiola. After having scored a dramatic Derby win, Jose Mourinho’s next job would be to meet and beat the Guardiola’s benchmark.

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