Manchester United respond to FIFA’s investigation into Paul Pogba’s transfer


Manchester United’s world record transfer of Paul Pogba is being investigated by FIFA, according to multiple reports. Whilst no information into the specifics of the investigation, that did not stop the ABU’s from coming up with their own (uneducated) aspersions of the investigation, suggesting Pogba was a fraud, United have overpaid by about £79 million and other pathetic nonsense. Some were suggesting United be deducted points, endure a transfer ban and even be kicked out of the Premier League – which is moronic in itself as no specifics of the investigation have been released. On Monday, some leaks were reported on the size of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s wage at United, including his goal bonus. Some information about Pogba’s transfer from Juventus was also released. It would seem that the fee of agent Mino Raiola is the main part of the investigation, but I stress that this has not yet been confirmed.

Many find this funny that FIFA have launched an investigation, when no so long ago, it was them being investigated by their own ethics committee. That aside, it is obviously something which needs to be done, especially in big transfers such as this one. The timing of the reports are something of an issue,which could put United and Pogba off their game at an important part of the season for them, just two days prior to the UEFA Europa League semi-final second leg at Old Trafford, of which United have a one-goal advantage from the victory over Celta Vigo in Spain almost a week ago. United and Pogba though seem to be ignoring the reports as I am sure they are partial to a bit more information than was leaked earlier in the week. That aside though, it is funny to see how desperate the ABU’s are for this mud to stick on United and Pogba, when more likely, it will be other parts of the transfer, probably absolving both United and their player.

Of course, that will mean there has been a cover-up by the Football Association, FIFA and Manchester United, as we all know that United are the be all and end all of world football, controlling every governing body around the world, ensuring that everything falls in their favour. In case you did not understand, I was being sarcastic. Pogba’s transfer from Juventus cost United £89 million, of which Raiola was set to make around £21 million. Earlier today, the Manchester Evening News reported that Raiola may have made £41 million, which could be cause for concern for the player’s agent in the midst of the FIFA investigation. The Manchester Evening News reported that a Manchester United spokesman gave them a statement, also suggesting that they are yet to hear from FIFA about the investigation, of which the paperwork has been with them since the transfer went through back in August 2016, some nine months ago now. The statement was short and sweet, saying:

“We don’t comment on contracts. FIFA have had the documents since the transfer was completed last August.”

It would see that United are calm during this investigation, knowing that they only paid the transfer fee placed on the French midfielder’s head last summer, with some complications in the deal, which seem to have been ironed out before the transfer was finalised nine months ago. It would seem that the investigation being leaked to the world media seems to have excited football supporters around the world, all loving the fact that Pogba, a player they do not seem to rate after this season, has seemingly not found his feet at Manchester United, or in the Premier League, which is not the case. Some football fans choose what they want to see, ignoring all facts, and those facts suggest that Pogba is still doing well. Some have in mind that an £89 million transfer fee will mean that if you have not scored 40 goals, 80 assists and had 120 clean sheets, you are not proving that you are worth that fee. Sarcasm again if any of you are confused.

This season, at the time of publishing, Paul Pogba has made a total of 49 appearances for United (29 in the Premier League, 13 in the UEFA Europa League, four in the EFL Cup and two in the Emirates FA Cup). In total, Pogba has scored seven goals, assisting a further five goals for his club. In the Premier League and the UEFA Europa League, Pogba has created a total 72 chances for his teammates, of which only four have been turned into goals. In total, Pogba has created 75 chances in all competitions this season, only seeing five of those turned into goals. Many seem to blame that on Pogba, for what reason I do not know, but it really is not down to him that more advanced players have been dealt a key pass, failing to turn that into a goal. That seems to be one of the statistics that means Pogba is a failure, which is not exactly the case. In terms of development, Pogba’s stats are similar to those of his past four years at Juventus, which when considering he has stepped up to a tougher league, makes it look even better for him seeing as he has been consistent. Keep wishing Pogba haters, you might not get what you want.

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