Mourinho after Muller in the summer, perhaps they mean an actual yoghurt

The transfer window has been closed for two weeks now and already the rumours are lining up with players linked to Manchester United next summer, which is a long time ahead in the future. The Sun, the ever (un)reliable newspaper *cough* have today followed up on a report from earlier in the week that Bayern Munich forward Thomas Müller us a target for Jose Mourinho. The player effectively snubbed United two years ago to remain at the Allianz Arena and in all honesty, due to the length of time he has played for the Bavarian club. it is unlikely that he will up and leave for the Premier League. Müller is a great player, one with world-class tendencies, but for him to be a target of Mourinho just seems pretty weird with Antoine Griezmann the type of player needed.

The ever (un)reliable newspaper has suggested that the World Cup winning forward has fallen out with Bayern manager Carlo Ancelotti and is frustrated because he is left on the bench most of the time. Looking at the stats of the player this season, most of the time he has started for the club, coming off the bench in the 2-0 victory over Werder Bremen and in the 3-0 victory over Anderlecht in the UEFA Champions League earlier this week. If Müller is frustrated at being left on the bench, which from a starting position has happened twice in six competitive matches so far this season, it makes the reports look very baseless at this moment in time.

The reports of Müller and Ancelotti falling out could well be true with James Rodriguez favoured by the Italian over the German forward, according to The Sun at least and with the Italian coach seemingly out of the door this summer with Bayern seeking Hoffenheim boss Julian Nagelsmann, it has been suggested that Müller is still seeking a new challenge, with the Premier League the destination of the player. The Sun has suggested that sources close to the player have confirmed this, but that is easy to put into words without backing it up with any facts whatsoever. Müller is a decent player and two years ago he could have made the difference for United, but I am sure Mourinho and United will be looking elsewhere to fill positions next summer.

The only quotes from the player reported in the article are from German magazine Kicker with Müller confirming that in the summer of 2015 with United under the management of Louis van Gaal, he was tempted to turn his back on the Bundesliga and move to the Premier League. It would seem that today is a slow news day so a re-report of click bait pushed out earlier in the week was put out for us all to see again, which is pathetic journalism. It would suggest to me that The Sun and their band of merry men know nothing about anything, seemingly putting rubbish like this together, which in effect has a lot of words but does not really confirm anything. Müller, speaking to Kicker, said:

“There was a stage when the subject arose two years ago when I considered it but then the club immediately backed me and I was told I belong here.

“I didn’t have to think about it a great deal after Bayern said; ‘We are counting on you, you are an important man for us’.”

One thing is for sure, Manchester United will be seeking players in the summer transfer window, that happens every year so you could say The Sun have that part right – the rest is all fictitious click bait to give the football supporter something to read. I hate journalism like this, faceless, fact less and just pointless. The Sun should be banned from putting rubbish like this out there. The media are supposed to be there to inform and relay fact, now it just seems to be supposition based on nothing but a lame rumour printed days before by the same newspaper and possibly even the same journalist, but I use that label loosely.

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