Patience will be needed from Manchester United supporters more than ever now


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is now facing a rebuild of Manchester United and after six years of incompetence from the board, the owners and Ed Woodward, another rebuild with these three factors involved is going to rely on the supporters having the patience for things to happen. When Jose Mourinho was sacked, it was suggested that there would be a director of football at the Old Trafford club.

Months later, nothing has been ventured in this area and the director of football has now turned into a technical director, which has still not come to fruition. The end of the season is just over a fortnight away and the plans for the summer should really be in full swing right now. It is going to be another summer which promises something and delivers something else. United should have had things in place to take Woodward out of the footballing aspect of the club and put a footballing man into that role.

Supporters of this once great club have seen David Moyes, Louis Van Gaal and Jose Mourinho come through the revolving doors of the club, all facing similar problems with their respective teams. Now that Solskjaer has been given a three-year contract at the club, those same problems have emerged, telling us that the individual problems were not caused by the same person and they seem to have evolved throughout each managerial reign which should be attributed to the main constants; Woodward, the board and the Glazers ownership of the club.

To suggest that the same or similar problems will come about again would not be an uneducated guess, more a certainty, unless these factors were addressed by those involved and that all depends on whether they want to look at themselves negatively, which is not something I would be guessing would actually happen. This is why patience is needed. Since Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan took over Manchester City, £1.3 billion has been put into that club, since the Glazers leveraged the buyout of United, £1 billion has been taken out of the club.

That should tell you more about the state of the club and the fact that football is not the reasons the Glazers have United, it is used to purely make money. Whilst £700 million has been spent since the summer of 2013, it does not vindicate the Glazers in any way, shape or form. The amount of money leaving the club is criminal and should not be right, especially in the fact the debt is still secured to the club and that it is unlikely to ever be paid off in full.

United have reached a very important stage in the progress of the club. The three previous attempts to replace Sir Alex Ferguson have not worked and a different approach has been taken. But how different will it actually be? Will there be any changes? Will the hierarchy learn from past mistakes? Will this approach change anything or just make it worse? I back Solskjaer, just as I backed Moyes, Van Gaal and Mourinho. However, will the hierarchy of the club back their manager?

Patience is a virtue that every supporter of the club needs to have. It is not going to be easy or pleasant to watch this cycle through the various steps again. It is not guaranteed to work but neither is it guaranteed to fail. However, previous attempts have ended with the manager being sacked and everything starting again, so looking back, United has not really moved on since 2013. This needs to be the time whereby the club actually moves on and rights the wrongs of the last six years.

There is a massive rebuild of the club that needs to happen. Last summer, Mourinho asked for a better central defender but that was seemingly vetoed as the club had players who were much better than the ones Mourinho wanted. However, after conceding 50 goals in the Premier League in 35 matches this season, it has come to light that these players are not any better and it was right that Mourinho wanted a better quality of player in defence. Teams that win league titles rely on defence to actually win what they want to win. Scoring goals is a necessity in order to win but keeping them out is also a factor in achieving that feat.

Rumours in the media suggests that Solskjaer has between £200 and £250 million to spend this summer and Solskjaer has already suggested that superstar players are not the only thing that will win you league titles and trophies, indicating that he will be seeking the type of players that put in the effort, put themselves on the line and have the mentality to win and to succeed which will, hopefully, drive the team forward. The club will also need a player capable of leading, as none of them in the current crop is worthy of doing that throughout a long and hard season.

Patience will not just have to get supporters through the summer, but also through the first season of this being integrated into the club, perhaps much longer than one season. A rebuild the size of this will take time and that is not something United has as they have, in effect, wasted six years already and are no better off for it. Solskjaer seems to have put a lot of faith into the likes of James Garner, Angel Gomes, Tahith Chong and Mason Greenwood and if they are included as squad players in the first team next season, they are going to need to be afforded patience, especially if they do not hit the ground running, like some will expect them to do.

With owners like the Glazers and an executive vice-chairman like Ed Woodward, supporters of United will need to adopt patience massively. There does not seem to be a way of getting rid of either of them and they do not seem to care about the club, other than earning a buck off them. One day, they may realise that football is the reason they were able to cash in on United, getting many various sponsorship deals into the club. But when the quality of football has deteriorated so much and the sponsors are not lining up, it will be then that they realise they have done it all wrong. We need to ensure that does not happen.

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