Ratings: Manchester United 1-1 Chelsea – Premier League 2 2016/17

Manchester United earned a 1-1 draw against Chelsea in the Premier League 2 at Leigh Sports Village on Sunday afternoon after Kyle Scott took the lead for the visitors at the death of the first half with a decent strike on goal, which beat Sam Johnstone. United goat an equaliser in the final five minutes of the match with Regan Poole putting a cross into the box towards the onrushing James Weir, only for Joseph Colley to put the ball into his own net. United did play a lot better than they did on Monday night away to Southampton, where they were beaten 2-0 with Warren Joyce calling some of his players deluded and questioned their ambition. United have plenty of talent at this level, but not having a true striker in the team could be something that costs them this season. Will Keane could be that player, but that all depends on what happens between now and the closure of the summer transfer window on Wednesday evening. Ethan Hamilton made his debut at U23 level, which could have been a good occasion for him. United had only just equalised, albeit through an own goal, but Hamilton rushed forwards in to the box looking for a second, but his attempt was thwarted. Joyce’s side now have a rest during the international break, with their next match played against Manchester City at the Etihad on Friday 9th September, just a day before both teams meet at first team level in the Premier League.

Goals: Joseph Colley OG 85′

Assists: Regan Poole 85″

Manchester United: Johnstone; El Fitouri, Tuanzebe, Poole, Riley; McTominay (Kehinde 35′); Weir, Redmond, Willock, Harrop (Hamilton 83′); Mitchell (Scott 77′)

Substitutes Not Used: Henderson, Doughty

Bookings: McTominay 22′

Manchester United

40 Sam Johnstone

Beaten at the death of the first half. Did not look comfortable at times. Maybe his mind is not on football at United?


Ratings: Manchester United 1-1 Chelsea – Premier League 2 2016/17

Did what was needed of him as a right-back; got forward and dug in at times. Not all that impressive. He has a good story, but not seeing much improvement from him, but time will tell.


38 Axel Tuanzebe

Great defending from Tuanzebe. Cleared one off the line, nullified threats at times. Looked at the top of his game at this level.


Regan Poole

Defensively, apart from conceding, the Welshman did well throughout the match. Chris Coleman will be watching him closely. Got the assist for United's equaliser after sending the ball up to Weir, with Colley finding his own net.


Joe Riley

Played at left-back and did what he needed to do. Got forward, helped to defend and used his pace and skill to threaten going forward, helping United chase the game.


39 Scott McTominay

Played well from the start of the match, did what he needed to do. Was booked for a foul on Solanke, which injured both players. His match ended ten minutes before the end of the first half.


Ratings: Manchester United 1-1 Chelsea – Premier League 2 2016/17

Will have a point to prove after his teams criticism from the manager. Played well with Harrop and Mitchell at times, and looked to direct his team to find Chelsea's weaknesses. May have scored the equaliser, if Colley did not score it for him, into his own net.


Devonte Redmond

Did what he needed to do during the match. Got forward, dropped back when he needed to.


Matty Willock

Played well in his midfield role. Not all that lively, but he did his bit.


Ratings: Manchester United 1-1 Chelsea – Premier League 2 2016/17

Got forward quite a lot, threatened at times. Seemed much brighter in the second half, looking to level the game.


35 Demetri Mitchell

Looked lively, had a few chances in the first half. In the second half, broke forward and nearly scored the equaliser. Had to come off as he signalled to the bench that he could not continue.



Tosin Kehinde

Replaced McTominay. Did what was expected of him. Helped the midfield attack and defend. Played well since he was introduced.


Charlie Scott

Replaced Mitchell. Played well and did what was needed of him in his little time on the pitch.


Ethan Hamilton

Replaced Harrop. Made his U23 debut. Rose to the occasion and tried to break through to score United's second goals, but was thwarted. Will give him plenty of confidence.


Report: Manchester United 1-1 Chelsea – Premier League 2 2016/17

Manchester United came back from a late Chelsea goal at the end of the first half, scored by Kyle Scott. Regan Poole sent a promising ball into the box towards James Weir, but Joseph Colley buried the ball into his own net whilst trying to clear the threat. United extend their unbeaten record at home and earn their plaudits for a better performance after their 2-0 capitulation away to Southampton nearly a week ago.

Warren Joyce made a few changes to his team following on from their 2-0 defeat to Southampton on Monday. Sam Johnstone replaced Dean Henderson and Demetri Mitchell replaced Tosin Kehinde. The defence was made up of Sadiq El Fitouri, Axel Tuanzebe, Regan Poole and Joe Riley, with Scott McTominay playing as the holding midfielder. James Weir returned to midfield, playing alongside Devonte Redmond, Matty Willock and Josh Harrop, with Mitchell leading the line. United looked more determined heading out to face Chelsea, days after Joyce called then deluded and questioned their ambition. United started well on the attack with Mitchell looking like the player that could do the business today. Josh Harrop got forward in the initial stages of the match, putting a good chance together for United.

Chelsea put it out for a corner, which failed to threaten the visitors. United look a little more resurgent in their attempts to impress their manager, who was less than impressed almost a week ago. Chelsea imposed on United’s defence, breaking through with Dominic Solanke, who was thwarted by Johnstone, who was on the ground and used his feet to clear the ball. United then cleared, albeit to a Chelsea player, which amounted to nothing damaging. Chelsea looked a little more organised heading into the tenth minute, but United still had that determined mind about them, which could carry them through to turn their criticism from Joyce into praise. Warren Joyce’s side are unbeaten in 20 home matches, their last home defeat was in January 2015, twelve of the unbeaten matches had been played at Leigh Sports Village.

Chelsea, on the attack, broke through United from the midfield and seemed threatening. Johnstone got to the ball to thwart their chances of scoring. United still playing well and having their fair share of attacking play so far in the match, which will impress the manager, but getting a goal will go a long way to impress Joyce, and head of the Academy, Nicky Butt who was watching in the crowd with John Murtough. Scott McTominay was shown United’s first yellow card for a foul on Solanke, which seemed to hurt McTominay too, with both players receiving treatment heading into the halfway point of the first half. After treatment to both players, play was a little disjointed but McTominay and Solanke seem to be struggling, with Chelsea replacing Solanke with Ugbo in the 30th minute and Joyce ordering Tosin Kehinde to warm up, in view of replacing the United midfielder.

Chelsea, immediately after the change had a chance on goal, which was deflected by a United player with Chelsea being given a corner, which was played short but Axel Tuanzebe closed down the visitors chance to break the deadlock, albeit a poor one. Scott, moments later shot on goal from distance, which was wide of the target. Ten minutes before the end of the half, United replaced McTominay with Kehinde, with Joyce looking to change things up after the player failed to recover from the knock he received during the foul he was yellow carded for. Chelsea again was testing United heading into the final few minutes of the half, threatening on goal, but Tuanzebe thwarted their attempts to break the deadlock. United need to turn up the pressure on the visitors, threatening to break the deadlock themselves.

Chelsea had another shot on goal in the 40th minute, which was again thwarted by Tuanzebe, who cleared the ball from the line. Chelsea, starting to take charge of the match were dangerous. United have a little work to put in to change the direction of play, which seemed to be all Chelsea heading into the end of the first half. With two minutes remaining in the first half, Mitchell got forward and threatened, trying to hold off Chelsea, but his attempts to score just did not work. Chelsea won a corner, which was too high to threaten United, with Tuanzebe clearing, Chelsea winning possession further up the field. Four minutes were added at the end of the first half, with Chelsea taking the lead a minute in through Scott. Chelsea was 1-0 up at the end of the first half. United had some work to do in the second half in order to impress the manager.

United started the second half brightly, getting forward at times, but still not threatening to level the scoreline. Harrop looked to be one of the players that wanted to level the match, playing strongly on the left-wing, letting the ball into Chelsea’s final third and trying to earn something from the match. He squared the ball to Kehinde, who only had the option to pass back, in order to keep possession. The bass then found its was to Weir, who was flagged offside, heading into an open goal, where his shot went over the crossbar, much to his blushes. United looked like they wanted something from the match, but proving that they could get something was what Joyce wanted to see. Chelsea then went into a resurgent period, looking for their second, but United kept them at bay, for now.

Axel Tuanzebe is looking like the best player on the pitch for United, doing all be can to thwart Chelsea from doing any more damage. Perhaps Jose Mourinho is watching and rubbing his hands with glee. He rates the player, as do many and he could well see his chance in the first tea, this season, being that United are challenging in three competitions next month. Just after the hour, Mitchell and Weir got forward, with the former threatening Chelsea. He shot towards goal, the keeper parried then got the grasp of the ball again. Close for United, who now seem to be banging on the door. Josh Harrop, seconds later challenged Chelsea, got his shot on target, which was pushed clear by the keeper, with United winning a corner, which came to nothing. United seemed to be back in the game and searching for that equaliser.

United had a great spell half way through the second half, taking the game to Chelsea, attacking well, but with the visiting team parking the bus, space was a problem for United, who were searching for that equaliser, banging on the door and not giving up. Chelsea was getting forward, but not in numbers as it seemed they did not want to get caught on the break. United could have this in the bag with a credible chance on goal, something to test the keeper. United made their second change of the match with Mitchell coming off for Charlie Scott. United now need to break Chelsea down without the threat of pace from Mitchell, which may be much harder for them. This could be United’s first defeat in a home league match at this level since early 2015, since then, they have scored 47 home goals, conceding just ten.

United made their third change in the final ten minutes of the match with Ethan Hamilton making his U23’s debut, replacing Harrop. United had a bright bit of play, attacking Chelsea and looking for that equaliser, which seemed like it was never coming. Regan Poole crossed the ball into the area, to the waiting Weir with Chelsea scoring the goal for United. United was back in the game. Hamilton tried to advance into the box with the ball, with United looking for their second, but he was powered out by the visitors. United looked dangerous but seem to be content with the fact they have levelled the match. United ensured that a defeat was not on the card, maintaining their home record at this level. United now have a break before facing Manchester City at the Etihad on Friday 9th September, the day before the two sides go head-to-head in the Premier League.

Goals: Joseph Colley OG 85′

Assists: Regan Poole 85″

Manchester United: Johnstone; El Fitouri, Tuanzebe, Poole, Riley; McTominay (Kehinde 35′); Weir, Redmond, Willock, Harrop (Hamilton 83′); Mitchell (Scott 77′)

Substitutes Not Used: Henderson, Doughty

Bookings: McTominay 22′

Starting XI: Manchester United v Chelsea – Premier League 2 2016/17

Manchester United U23’s face Chelsea in the Premier League 2 at Leigh Sports Village this afternoon. Warren Joyce’s side will be looking to get back to winning ways after their 2-0 away defeat to Southampton on Monday evening. United, the current holders of the last Barclays U21 Premier League trophy have some problems to get over in order to rise from the poor form. Joyce called his players ‘deluded’ with his player’s desire and ambition also questioned after Monday’s defeat on the South Coast, in which United played their third competitive match of the season without a striker, which is something that cannot go on. Chelsea will be a tough match for United, one that the home side need to pull together and ensure they get a result, or be left wondering what will be this season, as they head into the international break. Here are the starting XI’s and list of substitutes for both teams this afternoon.

Manchester United:


El Fitouri, Tuanzebe, Poole, Riley;


Weir, Redmond, Willock, Harrop;



Henderson, Kehinde, Scott, Doughty, Hamilton



Colley, Chalobah, Tomori;

Sterling, Quintero, Scott, Dasilva;

Mount, Colkett;



Christie-Davies, Thompson, Ugbo, Wakefield, Ali

Preview: Manchester United v Chelsea – Premier League 2 2016/17

Leigh Sports Village, Leigh

Premier League 2

Sunday 28th August 2016, KO 13:05 [Live on MUTV]

Manchester United U23’s face Chelsea at Leigh Sports Village in the Premier League 2 on Sunday afternoon. United have played twice in the league this season, beating Leicester City 1-0 and losing 2-0 to Southampton. Warren Joyce’s side will need to get sorted quickly to salvage their season at the earliest opportunity. Chelsea will be a tough match for Joyce’s side as they are unbeaten this season, drawing with Sunderland 1-1 in their first match and beating Liverpool 4-1 in their second. United will need to find some organisation if they are to get anything out of this match. One defeat can turn into two and before you know it, the U23’s could capitulate, much like the U18’s did last season – losing twelve league matches on the bounce. Warren Joyce was not all that impressed with his squad after Monday’s defeat and made his views known to the media, and presumably, the players would have received a bigger brunt of his annoyance. Speaking after Monday’s 2-0 defeat to Southampton at St Mary’s, Joyce said:

“I certainly thought we didn’t look like we had a method to our play, with and without the ball. We looked like a group of individuals just thrown together, but that can be too easy, because you can still have a desire and still have a passion to play for Manchester United.

“It’s not the first time that I’ve actually said to this group straight after the game ‘You’re actually embarrassed – the way we’ve played,’ it’s probably the third time in the pre-season games. 

“So it’s a situation where it’s not an automatic thing at this place that players just go on and be successful, as they have been in the last few years, where if they’re not good enough to play for Manchester United they drift into leagues and have successful careers.

“This group are almost deluded really, as to where they’re at. And there is certainly a lot of hard work to be put in during the coming season to keep our head above water, really.”

United’s U23’s are a team without much guidance, on the pitch at least. Not having a true striker is only the start of their problems. In order to learn something, you need to be able to learn from someone by playing alongside them. United are currently not using any overage players or even players that would fit the age group, of which United have many within the first team. Jesse Lingard might be a contender on Sunday if he is not involved with the first team against Hull on Sunday as he has just returned to training from an injury. Bastian Schweinsteiger could also play a part in teaching the youth something, which would give him something to work for and the chance may well earn him a place in Mourinho’s squad this season, despite what Mourinho said in his press conference, albeit unlikely. Joyce needs some experience in his side, that would be key for him, and a striker would be great, although Will Keane, who doesn’t seem to have got himself a loan move sorted, may well return to the reserves, solving their striker problems, which would be beneficial, more beneficial in fact instead of playing James Weir or Josh Harrop out of position.

Manchester United U23 Squad:

Manager: Warren Joyce

Goalkeepers: Joel Castro Pereira, Dean Henderson, Kieran O’Hara

Defenders: Matthew Olosunde, Axel Tuanzebe, Regan Poole, Charlie Scott, Sadiq El Fitouri, Joe Riley

Midfielders: Scott McTominay, James Weir, Tosin Kehinde, Josh Harrop, Sean Goss, Devonte Redmond, Matty Willock

Forwards: Demitri Mitchell, Josh Doughty

Chelsea U23 Squad:

Manager: Adrian Viveash

Goalkeepers: Bradley Collins

Defenders: Fikayo Tomori, Fankaty Dabo, Jake Clarke-Salter, Dion Conroy, Ali Suljić, Jay Dasilva

Midfielders: Kyle Scott, Isaac Christie-Davies, Ruben Sammut, Mukhtar Ali, Tika Musonda, Charlie Colkett, Charlie Wakefield, Miro Muheim, Josimar Quintero

Forwards: Islam Feruz

Manchester United U23 Form:- LWLLWW

Southampton 2-0 L, Leicester City 1-0 W, Oldham Athletic 1-1 (3-4 penalties) L [F], Port Vale 4-2 L [F], Salford City 5-1 W [F], Altrincham 2-1 W [F]

Chelsea U23 Form:- WDWWDD

Liverpool 4-1 W, Sunderland 1-1 D, West Ham United 3-0 W [F], Vitesse 3-2 W [F], Reims 1-1 D [F], RC Lens 0-0 D [F]

Predicted Starting XI:

Predicted Score:

Manchester United 1-0 Chelsea

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