Alexis Sanchez does not want to return to Manchester United, according to reports. Would anyone miss him?

Manchester United forward Alexis Sanchez who is currently on a season long loan with Serie A side Inter Milan reportedly has no plans to return to the Old Trafford club at the end of the season. The Chilean forward was signed from Arsenal in January 2018 with Henrikh Mkhitaryan heading on the other direction.

Sanchez played 45 times for United, scoring five goals and putting in some rather undesirable performances for a player being paid so much to be at the club. Personally, I don’t ever want to see the Chilean darken the doors at Old Trafford, at least representing United. For the money he has been given and the lack of anything shown, his signing was a disaster.

Sanchez has not yet made his debut for Inter Milan, however, he made the bench for the 2-1 victory away to Cagliari last weekend, seeing teammate and former United striker Romelu Lukaku score his second goal of the season, in his second match at the club. To suggest that you do not want to return to your club, before even playing, is pretty silly.

If these words come back to haunt him and he has to return to United, he is going to look pretty stupid, especially if United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer gave the likes of Tahith Chong, Mason Greenwood, Angel Gomes, even Largie Ramazani chances this season and Sanchez ended up being behind them all in the pecking order.

Solskjaer signed Daniel James from Swansea City this summer, a £15 million signing which could rise to £18 million. In playing four times for the club, spending 285 minutes on the pitch, he has scored three goals, two shy of what Sanchez achieved at the club. Two more goals and he will have done the same as the expensive Chilean.

Corriere dello Sport has reported that Sanchez dreams of staying at Inter longer than this season and wants to line up for the club during the 2020/21 season, which would be great if they were to sign him permanently. However, he would need to perform to get that, something he has not done at United. Questions would surely be asked.

United will obviously have an idea of the fee that they will want for Sanchez, also knowing that they made an agreement for the player’s wages, which will need to be honoured. Maybe they will allow him to leave for free if the players gave up his right to the wages that he would have earned until the end of his contract?

Sanchez struggled at United. He scored some good goals, some important goals even, however, he never made himself important at the club, under the management of both Jose Mourinho and Solskjaer, suggesting that it was him that was the problem. Even Gary Neville sees Sanchez as a player that was an ‘absolute disaster’ at the club, saying:

“[Alexis] Sanchez has been an absolute disaster. I have no idea what’s happened to him. There must be two of them.

“The one that’s turned up in Manchester I have no idea who that is.”

Obviously, we’ll see how his season fares and how United’s season fares. I don’t think Solskjaer or his former teammates will miss him, there was literally nothing to miss him for, other than that piano video, which is hilarious now. Imagine being that guy and just not performing. Good riddance to Sanchez, may he never play for United again.

Inter Milan want Alexis Sanchez situation sorted out soon; Chilean may stay at Manchester United – reports

Inter Milan has reportedly reopened talks with Alexis Sanchez over a loan move to the club before the transfer window closes in a week’s time. Last week, it was suggested that the move could be confirmed before the weekend with reports now suggesting that the Italian club wants things completed within 72 hours.

It was reported last week that Manchester United were demanding a bigger share of Sanchez’s wages to be paid by the Italian club, however, based on other reports emerging, Inter is reluctant to spend so much on the player, seemingly expecting other clubs to find their activity on the pitch, or so it seems.

Inter has, so far, been unable to agree on a deal, of which United wants them to pay £5 million of the players wage, also a £15 million transfer fee next summer. However, with injuries in the squad, it may now weaken United, a squad who already lacks quality across the pitch. The talks this week could seal a deal or see United end everything.

The Mirror has reported that United manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Sanchez were seen arriving at the clubs Aon training complex in Carrington earlier n Monday, not surprising as the player’s will still be training on Bank Holiday Monday, readying themselves for the visit to St Mary’s to face Southampton on Saturday.

Solskjaer was once keen to let Sanchez leave the club this summer but after an injury to Anthony Martial in the 2-1 defeat to Crystal Palace on Saturday afternoon, which has not yet been confirmed as anything of note by the club, it could mean that Solskjaer will ask or expect Sanchez to remain at the Old Trafford club.

Martial suffered from a thigh injury, which is still being assessed by the club. He is currently 50/50 as to whether he will be involved against Southampton at the weekend. If the Frenchman is out for any period of time, allowing Sanchez to leave would just lead to more discontent amongst the ‘Twitter fans’ who seem to moan about anything.

With all the speculation surrounding Sanchez at United this summer, Solskjaer has been respectful of the player when speaking in public, which is a good way to be. If the manager has something to say about the player, it should only be said to the player, in my opinion. Solskjaer recently spoke about Sanchez, saying:

“Alexis [Sanchez] is a quality player. We don’t have loads of options. If there is an offer that’s good enough for the club and him maybe he will go, but if not then, he’s still our player and he’s a quality player.”

United has just Marcus Rashford and Martial as their experiences forwards this season, other than Sanchez, of course. There is also Mason Greenwood, whose participation in the first team will need to be protected, to stop him burning out. That leaves four players, three if Sanchez is allowed to leave on loan.

Granted, Solskjaer could look towards the youth players in the U23s to fortify his squad with the likes of D’Mani Bughail-Mellor and Largie Ramazani who could step up to the first team, also with Tahith Chong, who has already made his debut at first team level, stepping up also. There is room for strengthening whether Sanchez stays or goes.

Impending Alexis Sanchez departure could end up costing Manchester United £36 million – reports

Manchester United could reportedly face paying £36 million to Alexis Sanchez if his proposed move to Inter Milan, initially on loan, is made permanent next summer. The Series A side are said to be determined to strike a deal for the Chilean before the weekend after talks were held on Wednesday, at least according to the Daily Mail.

Inter are reported to only be offering Sanchez a wage of £150,000 per week, which is around £350,000 short of his reported wage at United after he signed for the club, from Arsenal, in January 2018. It will most likely be a learning curve for Ed Woodward, who sorted out the deal. Perhaps he’s learned that signing big named players is not the best way forward.

Sanchez will turn 31 in 2020 and to be honest, after the failure his signing has been, United will either have to keep him at the club, paying him each week, or offering a lump sum just to get rid of him. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, despite what has been said publicly does not seem all that keen to keep the player at the club this season.

During his time at United, Sanchez has played a total of 45 times, scoring five goals – three of those in the Premier League. Some supporters did not want to write him off, seemingly giving him many chances to shine, which just did not happen. Based on the wage he’s on at United, he is one expensive flop for the club, a mistake not to make again.

It is suggested that after a season on loan, Inter could purchase Sanchez for around £14 million, which would offset the amount that United would need to spend on the player, just to get him to leave. Signing him was a gamble. If it worked, it would have been money well spent. As it has not worked and shows few signs of working, it is a massive waste of money.

Sanchez could link up with Romelu Lukaku at the San Siro club this season if his loan spell is approved and everything runs smoothly. Earlier in the summer, it was suggested that Inter did not have a lot of money, however, in signing Lukaku and looking to get Sanchez and others, it would seem that was misinformation or a way to pay less for players.

Sanchez was the first Chilean to play for United and probably the last. There was a lot of opportunities for him to succeed at the club but it just has not worked. Since Solskjaer arrived at the club in December 2018, it was clear that Sanchez was not seen as a player that the Norwegian would have in his team, him wanting to trust youth instead.

Based on the young players already at the club, allowing them to leave in order to keep playing Sanchez would be a travesty. Of course, there will be supporters annoyed at the club letting Sanchez leave, them seemingly thinking that giving him more time will heed great results. I don’t think it will, as much as I would have liked to see him achieve.

The best thing that could happen here is that Sanchez leaves this summer, had a good loan season in Italy and the club buys him next summer. It will always be costly for United but then he will be off the books. Ed Woodward also needs to learn that big names will not always fit into a team. Him learning about the game is crucial all the more now.

The impending exit of Alexis Sanchez seems to be the best option for Manchester United this summer

Alexis Sanchez could soon be ending his sort spell at Manchester United. It has been reported that the Chilean forward has agreed a loan spell at Inter Milan in which he would join former United striker Romelu Lukaku this season. The deal would see the player remain in Italy for the 2019/20 season with the option for the club to buy him for £13.75 million.

Sky Sports journalist Fabrizio Romano reported the prospective which could end the turbulent period for the Chilean, who is reportedly being paid around £505,000 each week at the Old Trafford club. Sanchez has played for United for around 18 months, playing 45 times, scoring only five goals, which is terrible considering his achievement in the sport.

It will be up to United to pay a lot of his reported wage with Inter offering to pay a chunk of it for him to sign for the San Siro club. It has also been reported that the Chilean international who has played for Arsenal, Barcelona and Juventus, asked United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to let him leave the club this summer.

Many supporters of the club would not miss the player if he left although some will suggest that he has so much to achieve at the club. With the process that Solskjaer has implemented, it is clear that the likes of Sanchez are not wanted and have no prospects, even with the club only signing Daniel James this summer, losing Lukaku without signing a replacement also.

It will no doubt leave the club with places to full in the squad, however, it will also be god for the likes of Angel Gomes, Tahith Chong, and Mason Greenwood, who would most likely be afforded more playing time this season, en route to establishing themselves in Solskjaer’s first team during his rebuilding process of the club.

At the end of last season, Solskjaer suggested that the supporters of the club had seen the back of some players, which puzzled supporters during the summer with only Ander Herrera and Antonio Valencia leaving the club on the expiry of their contracts. Some expected wholesale departures, starting with Ashley Young, Nemanja Matic, Phil Jones, Chris Smalling and others.

In fact, with Lukaku leaving a few weeks ago and the reports linking Sanchez to Inter Milan, also with reports suggesting the club are trying to pay Marcos Rojo off to leave the club two-years early, it is clear that Solskjaer meant these players when he suggested that we may have seen the back of some players.

It will be considered as good business to get these players off the wage bill also. Sanchez came to United with such high hopes with Jose Mourinho beating Pep Guardiola to the signature of the Chilean, who was announced playing the piano in a video which went viral, seemingly all for the wrong reasons after the player failed to light a fire at the club, let alone keep anything burning.

It is something that will want to be forgotten, just like the failed loan spell of Colombian striker, Radamel Falcao, who scored four goals during his time at the Old Trafford club, although he was recovering from a serious knee injury at the time and seems to have returned to his best form a year or so later, after also failing for a season at Chelsea.

Alexis Sanchez to be dropped to the reserves if he does not leave Manchester United this summer – reports

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer seems determined to get rid of Alexis Sanchez before the summer transfer window in most of Europe closes but the player is refusing to leave the club. United signed the Chilean from Arsenal in January 2018 with Henrikh Mkhitaryan heading in the other direction.

Italian club, Roma has shown some interest in the 30-year-old this summer but they have an alternative target in Chelsea’s Michy Batshuayi, who will be on a more affordable wage structure with Sanchez reportedly on £505,000 each week. It would seem that when Manchester City dropped their interest in the player, that did it for the right reasons.

This summer, Solskjaer allowed striker Romelu Lukaku to leave the club, signing for Inter Milan a week ago after a summer of speculation which saw the Belgian linked to Inter, then to Juventus with the prospect of Paulo Dybala coming in the other direction, that interest being scuppered by United and Inter coming back in for Lukaku.

United have just Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford as the clubs experienced strikers this season with rookie Mason Greenwood coming through the academy and expected to play a big part during the course of the season. Solskjaer could also call on Tahith Chong to bolster his front line, either offloading Sanchez of removing him from the first team.

It has been reported that Solskjaer will dump Sanchez in the reserves, where he might not even feature at all if he does not agree to leave the club this summer. With the transfer window in most of Europe closing in the 2 September, there is still time to get something sorted. If this is true, it seems clear that the Chilean has no future at the club.

It is a shame that this did not work out for Sanchez as whilst he was at Arsenal during the 2017/18 season, he was in much better form than he has been in at United. It seems the player is happy to continue taking the money, not respecting the club, the shirt, his teammates or the clubs supporters. Solskjaer needs to be given a guarantee that he wins here.

Since signing for the club, Sanchez has reportedly banked £41 million in wages, earning around £8.2 million for each goal he has scored for the club. Ed Woodward certainly has something to do with allowing this grotesque wage to be given to a player who has underachieved massively since has arrived, playing the piano in his announcement video.

Former United striker, Robin van Persie, who retired this summer, has offered some advice to the former Arsenal forward, suggested he needed to rediscover how it felt when he arrived at the Old Trafford club 19 months ago. Speaking to, Van Persie gave Sanchez the advice, that he should take if he is going to remain at the club, saying:

“He is still a wonderful player, still a great player. He needs to find a way to be happy again. If you are happy, you want to create and have fun. He had that in his first couple of months from what I saw and he needs to find that again.

“He can still play, he is still a fantastic football player. He just doesn’t really look happy and the reason why this is… I don’t know. I can only guess, but from distance, he looks unhappy and he needs to find a way to be happy again.”

However, Solskjaer seems to have his mind made up about the Chilean and wants him far away from his squad this season. After their 4-0 victory over Chelsea on Sunday and tasked with a visit to the Molineux on Monday evening, where they lost twice in around a fortnight last season, they seem to be doing alright without Sanchez. Whether Solskjaer needs to draft him in remains to be seen.

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