Ratings: Manchester City 2-0 Manchester United – Premier League U18 2016/17

Manchester United were beaten by Manchester City in the Premier League U18 at the Academy Stadium in Manchester on Saturday afternoon. United played well at times, but it was City that did all the damage through Luke Bolton and Phil Foden. Ilias Moutha-Sebtaoui, United’s goalkeeper did not have a great afternoon playing for his club, giving away an indirect free-kick after picking the ball up from a back pass, then seeing red after a challenge, then his reaction to the onslaught of City players calling for him to be sent off, which saw him sent back to the changing room early. Max Johnstone, the brother of Sam Johnstone came on for DJ Buffonge after the red, with United chasing the game at 1-0 down at the time. Johnstone conceded a quick goal which saw City double their lead and cruise to victory with United chasing the game and getting nothing from it. City seemed to get the better response from the referee after putting in many challenges, many against Tahith Chong and seldom getting pulled up for it. it was a poor game, based on the last three, but United will take something from the match which will be a lesson for each player on the pitch. City were not as clinical as they maybe should have been, but still took all three points, which they deserved. United face Stoke City at the AON Training Complex in a week’s time, with Kieran McKenna’s squad looking to get back to winning ways once again and get their season back on track after their third defeat in six matches.

Manchester United

Ilias Moutha-Sebtaoui

Not a great day for the Belgian goalkeeper. Picked the ball up from a back pass, resulting in an indirect free-kick, then saw red for a challenge and it's aftermath with 17 minutes remaining. Conceded a goal in the first half too.


George Tanner

Got forward at times, but defending was an issue, especially in the first half. Broke forward into City's area but could not get anything from that attack. Defence as a whole was much better in the second half.


Lee O’Connor

Brilliant defending from O'Connor, especially in the second half. United seemed to not tuen up defensively in the first have with the Ireland youth international stepping up his game considerably, which still did not solve the problems in the second half.


Ro-Shaun Williams

Back from injury and seemingly rusty and may need some time to settle back into the team. Poor defending at times and seemed to get better as the game went on. Avoided a booking for his reaction after a challenge in the second half.


Jake Kenyon

Did what he could against a strong city side and United were perhaps fortunate not to concede more than two goals in the defeat.


Callum Whelan

Did what he could in midfield and tried to get the ball into more advanced positions throughout the match. It didn't work out for United.


DJ Buffonge

Covered a lot of area during the match. Was the guy taken off after the red card for United to get a keeper on the pitch once again.


Tahith Chong

Broke forward many times, challenged the City defence and tried to get something back for the visitors in a match which ended with high tensions. Was found many times, many not given against City. Was one of the bright sparks.


28 Angel Gomes

The smallest player on the pitch. Was not as lively as he could have been, but this will help in his development. Tried to create something for his side, but it just did not work out for United today.


Indy Boonen

Normally a livewire on the pitch, but against city it was not so apparent. He was involved in the attacks United put forward, but nothing was happening for the Reds. He was replaced late in the match by Diedrick-Roberts with United looking for a goal, which never came.


Nishan Burkart

City's defensive line gave Burkart some problems and he was not able to break and cause damage to his opposition, not for the want of trying. His first Manchester derby was not a good result, but this will be a learning curve as City were the better team and played at a level that United will now need to aim for ahead of the home Manchester derby later in the season.



Joshua Bohui

Replaced Burkart. The damage seemed to be done before Bohui entered the pitch with seldom chances coming off for the visitors.


Max Johnstone

Replaced Buffonge. Conceded United second goal almost instantly after replacing Buffonge soon after the red card for Moutha-Sebtaoui.


Ratings: Manchester City 2-0 Manchester United – Premier League U18 2016/17

Replaced Boonen. Brought on at add some more attacking threat for United. Too little too late.


Report: Manchester City 2-0 Manchester United – Premier League U18 2016/17

Manchester United were beaten 2-0 in the Manchester Derby at the Academy Stadium on Saturday afternoon which saw a lot of drama with Ilias Moutha-Sebtaoui seeing red after a challenge and reaction to other City players for the challenge. United tried their best to share the spoils from the match, but it was not their day. Max Johnstone made an appearance for United after his teammates red card, conceding a goal almost as soon as he came on, unfortunately.

Kieran McKenna fielded a near enough unchanged team from last week when they beat West Bromwich Albion 5-3. The only change came with Ro-Shaun Williams coming back from injury, which will make the defence that much stronger. United have scored 15 goals in their last three matches; two 5-1 wins and a 5-3 win, which is great to see after last season,s poor displays which saw United dominating and playing well, but also conceding goals and losing regularly; twelve matches in a row at one point last season. This season is so much different, though. Nicky Butt has made some big changes, brought in some talent from Europe and a new coach at this level, which seems to be working thus far.

United started the match bright and looking to attack. Tahith Chong looked good in the early minutes but failed to threaten on the attack. City seemed to be able to counter anything sent their way, which I suppose is what teams will be looking to do in their matches. City took the lead in the 23rd minute through Luke Bolton, who had the pass put to him from the other side of the goal, squaring the ball into the back of the net. A few minutes later Tom Dele-Bashiru had the chance to double the lead, but his shot was not on target. United were not defending well, which seems to be affecting the game with City threatening and breaking through because of the poor defending.

United have been lively in the attack after the goal, mainly through Chong, who has been threatening to break forward, but seems to be stopped pretty easily. United have a lot of work to do in order to get themselves back into the match, but they are trying, which is a good sign. George Tanner broke forward from the right-back position but was not able to get anything from his break forward. Ilias Moutha-Sebtaoui had a shocker in United’s goal on the City attack, parrying the ball, which then hit Williams before the Belgian goalkeeper picked the ball up, effectively a back pass, resulting in an indirect free-kick for City, which caused no damage for United.

In the final few minutes of the first half, United broke forward with Chong getting inside the box to launch his shot which was passed to him. The ball was tipped over the bar, which was unfortunate, but it showed that United were still not out of the game, with City very much lucky for everything to go their way so far in the match. In the minute of added time, United tried to break forward through Nishan Burkart, to no avail. The half ended with City 1-0 ahead and United would have a half-time team talk with their coach, hopefully coming out and looking to get back in the game with a goal, then aim for a win.

United initially started the second half well, but City took the ball off them too easily and broke attacks of their own. United did get forward with five players versus five but again lost the ball too early in the attack. United were trying to get something back, which could get them back into the game, but City were breaking too easily suggesting that they were the more dominant side in this match. United were lucky in the 53rd minute as a City shot was on target and likely to be City’s second goal of the game, but it hit Kigbu inside the box, who stopped the ball going into the net with United clearing the ball. United then broke on the attack, but again saw the ball taken from their grasp only for City to attack again.

United were defending well in the second half, mainly through Lee O’Connor who had been excellent so far. City still seemed to be dominating the game with their attacking, but not getting much from them. United, still looking for that elusive goals were still trying and showing that ‘never give up’ attitude, which was good to see. Williams was felled by Poveda with the player going to ground just entering the final third of the pitch. Williams then grabbed Poveda in a disagreement, which was calmed down by the rest of the players, with the referee then taking both players to one side and cooling it all down. City then made their second change of the match, United were still to make one.

United made a change in the 67th minute of the match with Josh Bohui replacing Nishan Burkart with United still looking for that goal to settle the score with their rivals. Moutha-Sebtaoui was sent off for a challenge on Hardy which saw many players in a free for all. Jadon Sancho and Muric were given yellow cards; the City goalkeeper ran half way up the pitch to have a go at Moutha-Sebtaoui, which really should have seen him off to, as he did not need to get involved. United took off Buffonge for Max Johnstone to come on as the goalkeeper with United down to ten men and a goal down with less than thirteen minutes plus stoppage time remaining.

City doubled their lead  in the 78th minute of the match with Foden scoring what seemed to be the winner at this level. Kayne Diedrick-Roberts was United’s third change of the match with Indy Boonen coming off. United have a lot to do in order to get back into this game, which seems unlikely, but I am sure they will be trying. United were beaten, but still gave it a go. City were by no means as clinical as they could have been and for much of the game, despite the score, both teams got forward and pressured, but it was City who were dominant on the ball and more disciplined in defence. Chong seemed to be a marked man by City, with him being fouled many times, with little given in United’s favour.

United entertain Stoke City in the Premier League U18 at the AON Training Complex a week from today with Kieran McKenna’s squad looking to get back to winning ways and find their good form once again this season.

Manchester United: Moutha-Sebtaoui; Tanner, O’Connor, Williams, Kenyon; Whelan, Buffonge (Johnstone); Chong, Gomes, Boonen (Diedrick-Roberts); Burkart (Bohui)

Substitutes Not Used: Barrett, Makela

Starting XI: Manchester City v Manchester United – Premier League U18 2016/17

Manchester United U18’s face their own Manchester Derby against Manchester City at the Academy Stadium within the Etihad Campus this afternoon. Last season, City were crowned the champions at this level and after four matches this season, they sit in fourth place. United have played a game more, sitting in second with a victory likely to send them to the top of the table, should Newcastle United lose or draw, of course. Last season United were not all that great, slumping to twelve consecutive defeats at this level, but with Nicky Butt now leading the Academy and new coach Kieran McKenna working well with his squad; three victories in a row with United scoring five goals in each, things are positive going into the first derby at this level. If United can come away from City with three points, they will be the first United side to do so at first team, U23 and U18 level so far this season. Here are the starting XI and lost of substitutes for both teams this afternoon.

Manchester United:


Tanner, O’Connor, Williams, Kenyon;

Whelan, Buffonge;

Chong, Gomes, Boonen;



Johnstone, Barrett, Bohui, Makela, Diedrick-Roberts

Manchester City:


Rosler, Latibeaudiere, Kigbu, Francis;

Davenport, Dele-Bashiru;

Bolton, Foden, Sancho;



Sokol, Pozo La Rosa, Poveda-Ocampo, Hardy, Richards

Preview: Manchester City v Manchester United – Premier League U18 2016/17

Manchester City Academy Stadium, Etihad Campus, Manchester

Premier League U18 2016/17

Saturday 17th September 2016, KO 12:00 [Live on MUTV]

Manchester United U18’s face Manchester City in the Premier League U18 Manchester derby on Saturday afternoon. United started the season with two defeats; 4-0 against Derby County and 2-1 against Liverpool. As the speculation surrounding last season continued, with United losing twelve consecutive matches in the league, which also resulted in the departure of Paul McGuinness, there were suggestions that the changes made had not worked. United then faced Everton, winning 5-1, their first victory of the season. The following week, the visit of Middlesbrough, a team undefeated in twelve matches at this level resulted in another 5-1 victory, which looked less of a fluke. Last weekend, United faced West Bromwich Albion, winning 5-3 meaning the young red devils had scored 15 goals, conceding five in their last three matches, which is some good form, especially considering the shambles of last season. It would seem that Warren Joyce’s U23 side is the problem area this season, but he has different problems than the U18’s last season.

This season, Manchester City have only played four matches, to United’s five, sitting a point behind them in fourth place, with United in second, a point behind leaders Newcastle United. Only United and Middlesbrough have played five matches at U18 level this season, so United’s position may change in the coming weeks with the other teams catching up, but if United continue to play like they have over the past three weeks, they should keep up with the chase to better last season’s position, which will not be all that hard to better. City, at this level, are known to be strong, at least they were last season, but they have some new members to their squad this season. Beating Liverpool 7-0 a few weeks ago shows how strong they can be. Liverpool beat United 2-1 the week before that devastating defeat, so it shows that football at this level can change considerably. Manchester City was crowned champions at this level last season, and with United lowly position last season, beating them will be something that will ensure the U18’s will be able to hold their heads high.

Since Nicky Butt took over the Academy, put his plans in to action, strengthened the squad at this level this season, also bringing in a new coach, Kieran McKenna, seem to have done well thus far. The season is a long one and United could falter at some point, so it does not mean that every problem has been sorted at this stage. Things have improved massively, United have a big squad, a competitive squad and a squad with a lot of talent. Angel Gomes is the player that has impressed a lot this season, scoring five goals, including a hat-trick against Everton. Indy Boonen is the second highest scorer with three goals, DJ Buffonge and Idris Kanu (trialist) are third with two goals a piece, then Aiden Barlow, Nishan Burkart, Tahith Chong and George Tanner are fourth with one goal each. United have scored 16 goals so far this season, conceding 11, which leave them in a positive ratio after their, so far, good start this season. Beating City will be the plan, and if the form from the past few weeks is still there, it could well happen.

Manchester United U18 Squad:

Manager: Kieran McKenna

Goalkeepers: Alex Fojticek, Ilias Moutha-Sebtaoui, Max Johnstone

Defenders: Ro-Shaun Williams, Harry Spratt, Jake Barrett, Lee O’Connor, Luca Ercolani, Max Dunne, Tyrell Warren, Thomas Sang,

Midfielders: Aiden Barlow, Andre Gomes, Callum Whelan, DJ Buffonge, Callum Gribbin, Ethan Hamilton, Faustin Makela, Indy Boonen, Jake Kenyon, Zachary Dearnley

Forwards: George Tanner, Kayne Diedrick-Roberts, Josh Bohui, Nishan Burkart, Tahith Chong

Manchester City U18 Squad:

Manager: Lee Carsley

Goalkeepers: Arijanet Muric, Curtis Anderson

Defenders: Lewis Blackshaw, Joe Coveney, Edward Francis, Joel Latibeaudiere, Tyreke Wilson

Midfielders: Tom Dele-Bashiru, Phil Foden, Colin Rosler, Ian Carlo Poveda, Iker Pozo, Jadon Sancho, Matthew Smith

Forwards: Joe Hardy, Luke Bolton

Manchester United U18 Form:- WWWLL

West Bromwich Albion 5-3 W, Middlesbrough 5-1 W, Everton 5-1 W, Liverpool 2-1 L, Derby County 4-0 L

Manchester City U18 Form:- DWWD

Blackburn Rovers 1-1 D, Liverpool 7-0 W, Everton 3-1 W, West Bromwich Albion 1-1 D

Manchester United U18 Top Scorers:

5 – Andre Gomes, 3 – Indy Boonen, 2 – DJ Buffonge, Idris Kanu (trialist), 1 – Aiden Barlow, Nishan Burkart, Tahith Chong, George Tanner

Manchester City U18 Top Scorers:

3 – Joe Hardy, Ian Carlo Poveda, 2 – Phil Foden, Jadon Sancho, 1 – Luke Bolton, Tom Dele-Bashiru

Predicted Starting XI:

Predicted Score:

Manchester City 2-3 Manchester United

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