Manchester City talisman linked to Old Trafford move!

Sergio Aguero is a player who may not be at Manchester City in the summer, but also a player experienced in the Premier League. This season, Aguero has made a total of 42 appearances in all competitions this season, scoring 29 goals (18 in the Premier League alone) assisting in a further four goals. Aguero is a player who is a threat in front of goal and has been lively throughout each season he has played for City, scoring a dramatic late goal to secure the Premier League title back in the 2011/12 season with United and City separated only by goal difference. Injuries are something that has seemingly derailed Aguero over the past few seasons, missing 237 days so far which has seen him miss 44 matches for his club.

What is being reported and by who?

The Sun have reported that Jose Mourinho wants to sign the Argentinian international in the summer with a touted fee of £55 million being quoted in the report. Mourinho reportedly sees Aguero as the player to fill the void recently vacated by Zlatan Ibrahimovic due to his serious knee injury, of which he has undergone surgery and will be expected to be out of action for nine months. Aguero is seen as surplus to requirements at City under Pep Guardiola, which seemed to be the case ahead of the January transfer window with many suggesting they would like to see the 28-year-old at United this summer. The Manchester Evening, citing The Sunday Times, also make the claim Mourinho is looking to sign Aguero, which seems to be a similar story, possibly coming from the same source. ESPN also carry a similar story, so at this moment in time, as most are saying the same thing, it is clear that one thing has been said and others have carried on the story.

What type of player is Sergio Aguero?

Sergio Aguero is a clinical striker, a match winner if you will. At 28 years or age, the Argentinian still has a lot to give any team he may play for. Aguero has carried Manchester City for a number of years now, scoring crucial goals, some of which have meant everything, especially that goal which won City the Premier League title, beating United on goal difference alone. Aguero has played 250 competitive matches for City, scoring 167 goals, which is a pretty good record. Aguero will turn 29 in June, which may not be a problem, but for the fee quoted, should this be right, he will not offer all that much value for the money. Robin van Persie signed for United at a similar age, for a fee that dwarfs the reported £55 million asking price, which is probably the media associating numbers with a made up rumour. Aguero is not exactly a player for the future, being that decline will set in with him soon. Should the player be surplus to requirements at City in the summer, I am sure there will be many suitors for him, right across Europe, probably the rest of the world with China and the MLS sure to want to attract his attention.

Likelihood of the transfer?

I just cannot see Manchester City selling what will have been seen as their best player of the last few years to a cross-city rival such as Manchester United. Perhaps Pep Guardiola has changed the mentality of the club, wanting to sell to the team who will pay the money required to get Aguero, but I just cannot see it happening. As great as it would be to sign a player like Aguero, who could help United return to form in front of goal, it just seems like a mischief article, rather that something carrying some weight. I just don’t see much truth in this looking at the other sources and stories. The general consensus is the same, which to me would suggest a series of stories which follow each other, all based on the same information, which for some, will suggest that there is some truth to this rumour, but to others, it will suggest that it is a case of Chinese whispers, which so far seem to carry the same unchanged information, with some bits added here and there.

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