The media obsession with Manchester United and Jose Mourinho is getting pathetic


Manchester United have been heavily criticised by the media since Jose Mourinho became the manager. You have to start stating that it is now turning into an obsession, which is starting to get unhealthy. Everything that is done by United or Mourinho is scrutinised and when other teams do something similar, it is largely ignored. We all know that writing or talking about United and Mourinho is the bread and butter for these journalists but even this is starting to become tiresome now.

On Tuesday night at Old Trafford, United hosted the Young Boys of Bern in their penultimate UEFA Champions League group stage match, which United needed to win in order to qualify for the round of 16 stage, as at the time, Juventus were a goal up against Valencia. That goal just seemed like it was not coming. Marcus Rashford had chance after chance to find the back of the net and in the opening stage of the match, missed a glaring opportunity.

When Rashford missed a sitter, Mourinho looked unhappy, which any manager would after such a chance being missed. This seems to be the story for United right now. The forward players cannot seem to score simple goals. Rashford, and other players, just did not seem to have the luck against the Young Boys, which is contributing to United’s problems at this moment in time. If you cannot find the goals, winning is always going to be a problem. The pundits though seem to want to make it all about them.

Gary Lineker on BT Sport openly criticised Mourinho for his reaction when Rashford missed his first opportunity. Lineker actually said: “If I saw my manager react like that, I would be absolutely livid.” This is in a way suggesting that Mourinho’s actions were wrong. Suggesting that other managers have not reacted in this way. Suggesting that Mourinho has taken an extraordinary route to show his frustrations. Sir Alex Ferguson never reacted in a similar fashion when his players missed sitters then?

Lineker and his colleagues, Rio Ferdinand, Paul Scholes and Owen Hargreaves all seemed happy to agree with him about the criticism Mourinho had shown to one of his players by turning his back to the pitch, looking at his bench and showing his frustration that a simple shot could not be buried into the back of the net. Footballers will always miss sitters, Lineker knows this. He did not hit the target with every single shot he hit. He will also have received criticism from his manager(s) during his career.

Below is a video which shows Cristiano Ronaldo missing a sitter against Wigan Athletic in the Premier League some years ago. The reaction of Sir Alex Ferguson tells it all. But the way Lineker tells this story, a coach or a manager just does not react in this way. If that does not show his obsession for Mourinho and United, I don’t know what does. Obsessions like this can become unhealthy.

Following on from Lineker, you then have Ferdinand, Scholes and Hargreaves banging on about the disrespect, in agreement with the former Tottenham Hotspur striker. Not being funny, but none of these individuals has ever been a coach, successfully. Scholes was brought into United in 2014 when Ryan Giggs was the interim manager but he did not forge anything at the club and has not been asked back since, under two managers. He was a great football player but is now just a pundit, nothing more.

Throughout the game at Old Trafford, United had created many chances which were just not taken. United had 21 shots on goal. 12 were off target, five were blocked and four were on target. The game was still at 0-0 in the 90th minute as three minutes of stoppage time were announced. Marouane Fellaini, who had started the match, ended up finding the back of the net a minute into the three, winning the game for United and putting them into the round of 16 stage with a game still to play.

Mourinho reacted on the goal by kicking a water bottle holder, then picking another one up and slamming it to the ground. This act was to put the United manager into the firing line again. I thought it was a show of passion. A way of the manager letting off some steam after being frustrated for 90+ minutes. Below you will see Fellaini’s winner and Mourinho’s reaction, which I thought was brilliant. Many out there will be offended though, moaning about how Mourinho is not their manager, etc, etc.

On the 27th November 2016, after a 1-1 draw in the Premier League with West Ham United, Mourinho kicked a water bottle. At the time people were moaning about how he could have killed someone. Some were saying it in jest to wind others up but there were some serious people amongst those moaning. Mourinho was charged for the incident but did not face a stadium ban. After his antics at Old Trafford on Tuesday, people will be expecting him to be fined, if not banned.

Passion is something that has been used to explain many things that different managers have done over the years. In March 2017 when Liverpool faced Chelsea, Jurgen Klopp screamed at fourth official, Neil Swarbrick. At the time it was ruled as passion by Liverpool supporters and pundits. If Mourinho did this, it would not be passion, it would be aggression. Why the difference for one man? Passion cannot be used for managers who are liked with another explanation for another manager, who is disliked.

Ever since Mourinho became the United manager in May 2016, football supporters, pundits, journalists and sports writers have been criticising the Portuguese manager for anything he has done. Creating their own headlines, most of the time to keep them in the headlines themselves. The struggles of Manchester United could not have come at a worse time. It seems that journalists know that anything written about United will become popular. United seemingly puts the food on the table for many of them.

Chelsea manager, Maurizio Sarri, fresh from seeing his side beaten by Tottenham Hotspur at the weekend, a 3-1 defeat with Spurs going 3-0 up by the 54th minute, seeing Chelsea reply with five minutes remaining. In his press conference ahead of their UEFA Europa League group stage clash with PAOK Salonika at Stamford Bridge on Thursday, confirmed that he accused his players of lacking motivation and determination. Had one-to-one meetings with players and criticised N’Golo Kante.

The media made little fuss of this though. If it was Jose Mourinho confirming all of this, he would be taken to The Hague where he would answer to his crimes. This is becoming pathetic. Why does every other manager get an easy ride but the one who is in charge of Manchester United? The media would not dare to personally attack Sir Alex Ferguson. The legendary manager hit the press hard at times when he thought they were out-of-order.

Following on from his time at the helm of United, they hounded David Moyes. Had sacked Louis van Gaal at Christmas 2015, more than six months before he was sacked, after winning the Emirates FA Cup, and only weeks ago, had sacked Jose Mourinho too. The media in this country are becoming the bullies. Well, that is what they want to become but deep down, everyone with enough self-respect not to believe the rubbish they claim is true is just laughing at them. I know I am.

I have not read a newspaper for five years now. I don’t plan on reading newspapers unless reporting an opinion on something that I feel needs an educated mind to bring to the attention of others. I find not reading the piffle that journalists and football writers put together has made things easier for me. Not everything that is read in a newspaper is true. The media are being used for many different things right now and informing the public of facts is rarely one of them.

All you seem to get now from these newspapers is transfer gossip, which has been manufactured and rarely becomes true, opinions of writers, many of whom have agendas. And generally, enough condescending crap to irate many different people, which played off as a fact, when it has little fact actually attached. The state of the media right now makes me think of an obsessive who no matter what they do, never seem to get the respect they crave for and probably never will.

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