Wayne Rooney showing his greed or is it what he’s entitled to do?


The decline of Wayne Rooney has been seen for the past few years with last season showing just what the player is not capable of anymore. Yes, Rooney is Manchester United top scorer and has achieved the same for England, but forgive me if I say that does not define him right now. Over the years, Rooney has been a great player, but right now, he seems to be hanging on for what he can get, not what he can give to United, his teammates and more importantly, his manager – Jose Mourinho. Rooney is left waiting for a chance to get onto the pitch to show us all what he cannot do anymore, and that is becoming tedious, to say the least.

The Sun reports that United have offered Rooney £10 million to leave the Theatre of Dreams this summer, instead, Rooney seems certain to remain at the club in order to earn £300,000 per week, which forgive me if I am wrong suggests that money is worth more to him than leaving the club to actually play football. Surely at 31 with your best years behind you, playing guaranteed football at a smaller club would be better than holding onto a place in a team whereby you are not the star anymore, stopping talented players from coming through the ranks and earning their chance to play for Manchester United? Rooney seems to be there for the money, and that alone. The days of him rescuing United from the clutches of a defeat are long gone.

There is a misunderstanding with Rooney’s contract, some say he has a year left, some say he has two years left. There is talk of a year to be added on, which would turn one year into two, but no confirmation of that actually being the case. Rooney’s last contract was signed in February 2014 with the BBC reporting the player had signed a five-and-a-half-year contract, which at the time would take him to the summer of 2019. United also confirmed that Rooney had signed a contract extension, also stating that the player is committed to the club until the end of June 2019, which gives him two years left on his contract. The Guardian reported back in November that Rooney intends to see out his contract, which expires in 2019, also confirming that the player has two years remaining.

I am not sure journalists do their research anymore, which seems to be the main reason for the miscommunication of Rooney’s contract. Signing a contract extension would suggest that the period of the new contract would be added to what was remaining, hence the word extension. This would mean that Rooney could be in the United squad for another two seasons, which is a thrilling prospect to think about. Imagine the decline in two years based on his decline over the past two years. Him commanding a place in the squad is going to end careers of players who have not even had the chance to prove themselves yet. That is going to cost the club something in the years to come. Rooney needs to accept he is no longer the main man, accept that many want him gone and accept that the club needs to move on. If he loses money over that, boo hoo. He’s got enough.

Rooney needs to accept he is no longer the main man, accept that many want him gone and accept that the club needs to move on. If he loses money over that, boo hoo. He’s got enough. Perhaps the fact that Rooney wants to stay is down to the fact nobody wants him. Everton seem to have cooled their interest in the player, Stoke City were interested but Rooney had previously ruled out playing for another Premier League club, MLS clubs seem to be uninterested and the Chinese Super League now have a 100% tax on foreign players, meaning of Rooney cost a Chinese club £50 million, he would cost £100 million in total and therefore not worth the cost, let alone the amount of wages he would demand – which would scupper that completely. Maybe he has to stay as nobody wants him!

Perhaps Rooney wants to fight for his place this summer. He has been training this summer and there have been endless reports of him preparing for the new season earlier than would be expected – perhaps he wants to prove his doubters wrong, and he needs to accept that there are many of them now. Still, saying that, if he can bring something to the table next season, he might offer something against the lower placed clubs in the Premier League, possibly even playing in the domestic cup competitions, but gone are the days he will be leading the team out in the UEFA Champions League, hopefully anyway. United return to training on Saturday 8th July 2017 before flying to Los Angeles the next day to prepare for the pre-season tour, perhaps Rooney will be left behind?

Whatever happens, Rooney will need to do what is right in footballing terms, not in monetary terms. If he is not going to be a player deemed as highly as others, this will need to be relayed to him. Granted he has not moaned at his lack of inclusion over the past season, playing a bit-part role at United, which is admirable, but the reports coming out in the media, which portray him as the greedy Wayne Rooney is not something to be proud of either. Every dog has their day and it is looking more and more each day that Rooney has had his. If he can pull some form together, show what he can bring to the team, he might prolong his time at United, but if he is a letdown, like last season, I am not sure he will be missed.

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