Why does Jose Mourinho have such faith in Marouane Fellaini?


Marouane Fellaini has had his fair share of critics since his arrival at Old Trafford back in the summer of 2013, but since Jose Mourinho took the helm he has consistently reiterated how important the Belgian is to his squad and just how much he rates him, but why is this?

First and foremost, he isn’t exactly a Mourinho type of player. His style of football is often referred to as ‘ugly’, he gets in people’s faces and causes absolute havoc for defenders. Mourinho has never really had that type of player in his sides of the past, they were always nice football players, who yes had a bit of a rough streak to them like Didier Drogba, for example, but no-one like the Belgian.

As well as not being a Mourinho type player, in his first few seasons for United, the 30-year-old was always prone to mistakes, to the point where if he was brought on as a substitute United fans would heckle the decision to bring him on amid fears he would do something to cost the Reds the game. For example, the penalty he conceded against former club Everton back in December of last season, just minutes after coming on with United leading 1-0.

However, it seems despite all that the United boss still has plenty of faith in the Belgian and praised his return at the weekend after six weeks out with a knee injury. When asked just how important Fellaini was the United’s side back in 2017, Mourinho simply said: “A lot more than you can imagine.”

There could be a number of reasons why Mourinho likes playing the Belgium international so much, the fact that despite his rough nature and his slight proneness to making mistakes, he causes a lot of headaches for opponents and a lot of players fear coming up against him.

His prowess in the air could also be one of the things that Mourinho likes about Fellaini. Every side that Mourinho has managed has always had players who are great in the air, as set pieces are something that Mourinho really tries to utilise as a chance to score. The Belgian has scored 14 headed goals since he arrived in England, almost half of all of his goals in the league.

It is always nice to have a plan B, and Fellaini can always be seen as that. He is a player who can play in a number of positions, and coming off of the bench can be seen as a curveball to try and win the game from a different route.

The Belgian is yet to sign a new contract at Old Trafford and is set to leave United in the summer if he decides not to sign one. Mourinho told the 30-year-old to ‘shut up and sign the contract’ as he is desperate for the Belgian to stay. Despite all of his mistakes he still remains an integral part of the squad, and I like Mourinho hope he signs a new contract.

Written by Dan Pearce

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